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Rogers' Connected for Success

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Hey Community,


Have you heard the great news?


Rogers’ Connected for Success affordable internet program continues to get more Canadians online, recently partnering with its 150th non-profit housing provider and/or co-op. This means we are closer to bridging the digital divide for up to 150,000 households across our cable footprint in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.


Launched in 2013, Rogers has invested in the Connected for Success program to offer low-income Canadians high-speed internet for $9.99 monthly, allowing them to fully participate in the digital economy. As a result, more than 13,000 Canadian households (and counting!) have signed up for the program.


To celebrate partnering with 150 non-profit housing providers, we checked in with Leon – a Toronto Community Housing tenant and one of Connected for Success’ first customers. Have a look at how Leon and his kids use the Connected for Success program to keep up with work, school and play.


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To learn more about the Connect for Success program, please visit the Rogers' Community & Environmental Impact page.

I'm a Senior Advisor

@RogersRoland  Thanks for letting us know about this program - Rogers, and all the major telco's do some very good things in the communities across the country, Telus has We Give Where We Live Registered trade mark,


Bell has let's talk, which is close to home for me and others with mental health illness,


and when I volunteered for a community after school program, Rogers provided financial support, a free cell phone plan and phone for the program, and tickets to Leaf's games, and Oshawa General Games.


So they all do some good in various ways for the community needs across the country, so again, thanks for letting us know.



I Like it Here

I really disappointed in their lack of services to speak to customer service. For the last 3 hours, before they were closed.


 I'm have been trying to get a hold of the department to connect for success and there no help to speak to someone with regards to my account/billing. Why is not the program is not connected with Rogers department? they don't help people with this program all these customers service reps is like to do is transfer to connect for success department and don't want to listen to me to let them know there no options to speak to no one. I'm very upset and stressed out knowing I have an active account that I no longer want no more. I don't need to be continually be charging when I no longer need their services.  The program connects for success is no connect for no success


Good evening @knicks,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!

Sorry to hear you were not able to obtain the assistance you needed.


Use the phone number below and press 1 for any inquiries about the Connected For Success program including: internet package qualifications, account changes and cancellations.

  • Phone: 1-866-689-0758
    • Press option 1.
  • If the call goes to the voicemail, you can leave a voice message and you will get a call back within 48 business hours.

Hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: Voicemail only.

Hope this helps!



I'm a Frequent Visitor

what does it say on the bill if you go over the 100gb monthly rate do you have to complain everytime you go overage to get it lowered or do they lower the charge automatically?


Hello @mahepat3,


Welcome to the Community!


At this time we notify users when they are reaching the limit, but we don’t levy extra charges. We ask that participants keep to the 100GB level so that we can maintain the very low cost of the program.


For more information please refer to the contact information mentioned in RogersMaude's post