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Hey Community,


As some of you are aware, we've been implementing some minor changes to the Rogers Community Forums as of late. One of these changes was revamping our existing How To section and replacing it with the new Rogers Community Forums Knowledge Base. Over the course of the next few days, we will be adding some more features to the new section such as labels for sorting and possibly a new search option. Our goal is to ensure that the Community will be able to find the answers they are looking for whenever that may be.


If its not available in our Knowledge Base, feel free to post a question and someone from the Community will be here to assist!


Stay tuned for more updates!






Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Having a Knowledgebase is a good idea, however, the information needs to be current.  I went through some of the "how to" links and found a few items that were years out of date. 


As these items are moved around, they should be opened and checked for accuracy, not just compiled.


Having a date on each "how to" item would be useful.  If an item has been updated, then that update date could show also. 


I created many FAQs for the Digital Home forum and try to keep them up-to-date, either as I think of new information, or if someone comments, etc.

I'm a Senior Advisor

@57 @RogersRoland  I have to agree on the last comment.  I do hope the next step is to edit and clean up these - I too have found many out of date, but I am not going to go looking too hard.  If I see some as I use the base, I will mention.


I really like the idea of date originally written, and edited dates, and then leave, but strokeout anything that is in error, so that people who think the old way is correct and have suggested it, reference can be made to the old and new way.


Great idea.



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Hey @57 & @BS,


You guys are absolutely correct. Updating the articles is definitely on the agenda and will worked on. We are also looking to add in features such as ratings and possibly user contributions in the future. This is an exciting feature to the Community with endless potential. We will keep everyone updated as we further our testings and implementations.


As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to post them in the Community Questions & Suggestions Board 😉


(We also welcome user-generated guides!! )



I'm a Senior Advisor

Thanks for listening and updating up @RogersRoland  It is a move long overdue.


I see how it is a dump and future edit process, and possibly some work on keywords for the search engine changes.


I see that on Cable, they added a dump in of how to's, also not edited and some out of date, or not quite correct, and I was also running into some nice laid out how-to's while searching the Internet for a few topics, and seeing the links to other similiar topics and how they nicely laid out the setup for all the modems in drop down lists and visual scrolling pages (although some of those are out of date too - further comfirming the need for changes.)


Once I can get in reliably, I would be happy to advice changes, although writing the how-to's are not my strength, I can point out things that are missing or need to be added or changed, and I can start doing that in due time once I can can get in regularly.


Wonder if you know who to send recommendations for changes of the ones on the TV or the Support pages?


I can see the efforts towards improving the interface between customers and Rogers and its various channels.  Now we need consistent, state of the art, leading, technology.  It is important to race against the competition, but at this point, Rogers is backed into a corner and really does have to get it right and not upset the customers who have been loyal and supportive of the company and services, and I have to be honest, it has not been easy of late.  This is a great area to see work done on.  Keep plugging along.



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I like this "easy-to-reply to" reply-to square where you can choose quote, post your comment, cancel and include "email me when someone replies" below - and has various settings choices above is very compact.  I haven't posted many messages as  most times I don't do it right. I must be slow. So anything that clarifies things is always welcome.


Hi @BS and @remm276,


Thanks for the feedback! We always welcome input from the Community.  I'm glad to hear you folks are enjoying some of the new features. 


As @RogersRoland mentioned earlier, if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to post them on the Community Questions & Suggestions Board.