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Resident Expert: Gdkitty

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What made you want to join the Rogers Community Forums?

Originally, I was looking for a solution for myself and through a Google search, came across the community. I found my answer and stuck around to look a bit as found that I had answers to some of the questions others were asking, so started answering them.  I figured if I had the knowledge, I may as well share it Smiley Happy and if it makes someone's day then all the better! That feeling "if I helped them with a fix, I've done my good deed for the day."


What Rogers products/services do you use? How long have you been with Rogers?

I currently have Cable TV, Highspeed Internet, Home Phone, 2 Cellular lines and Rogers Smart Home Monitoring.

Personally myself, I have been a Rogers customer for about 9+ years... but have been a LONG time Rogers user with my family.  My parents had one of those old 'shoebox' analog cellphones when they first came out, you know the ones that were like a cinder block battery case with a cord to the phone.  My family participated in the ROGERS-WAVE beta for the highspeed internet when it was first offered at the whopping 256k!  So I have been around for quite a bit Smiley Wink


Tell us about your electronics. What phones or tablets do you use? Tell us about how your home network setup and with what gear.


I have a VERY wired home.  I have network connections running to most parts of the house (from the CGN3 gateway, to various gigabit switches) and wireless reaching where those aren't with a high end ASUS wireless router.
I have a central media server which servers movies and music to my LG Smart TV with surround sound as well as to all media playback devices in the basement area where I have a digital projector projecting onto a 72" screen.  All my video

game systems are there too and I'm currently looking to collect some RETRO ones :smileyhappy:


We have 2-3 laptops as well as iPhones and iPads for everyone in the house. Heck, there's even speakers out on my patio, connected into an Apple Airport Express used to stream music from my server out to the patio.

Do you have Rogers Whole Home PVR? How is your home entertainment system connected? Delve into your connected world and show it off!


I jumped at the chance when it first became available. I think I even had it set up on the first day it launched. The PVR unit (a Nextbox 3 currently) I have connected in the living room, that is connected into my Yamaha surround sound.

The Whole Home PVR system also serves two other HD boxes in the house; one up in the bedroom (great for those..."I want to go to bed but I also really want to finish this show" nights).  The other is downstairs in the media area hooked into the surround sound there for the projector.


What your likes/dislikes? Where did your knowledge come from? What do you do in your spare time or what are your technical and/or life experiences?


I come from a techinical background to begin with. I went to school for computers, and have been working in the industry for 12+ years now. So a lot of my knowledge stems from there.  But otherwise, I am just a tech junkie.  I love to learn new things and try new things, so I learn A LOT of the other stuff on my own.  In the last year or two have greaty expanded my knowledge in the surround sound system. With EVERYTHING moving digital now a days have to be playing around with the different options and capabilities of those devices and services.

When I am not on the Rogers forums, the few spare mintues I do have usually (with a 3 year old you dont get many of them), are spent playing video games. Anything from console and as well I'm a long term WoW player.

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Thank you for doing all that you do 🙂



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I also thank you for helping out around here.


Cheers.  🙂

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Happy to have you onboard!