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Resident Expert: BillJ

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What made you want to join the Rogers Community Forums?


I decided to join the Community Forums because I enjoy helping out. One day while visiting the Forums for a reply to an issue I was facing, I noticed some questions from others to which I knew the answers. I joined, I answered the questions, and the rest is history.


What Rogers products/services do you use? How long have you been with Rogers?


I've been a Rogers customer for many years (exactly how many, I don't know). At first, I was a customer of another company that offered DSL internet. Everyone else I knew was ordering Rogers and I'm used to zigging when others zag so I went with the DSL. Years later when we moved, the high-speed DSL was not offered in my new neighbourhood so I called Rogers for high-speed internet and I couldn't be happier (I now know why everyone was going with Rogers). We currently have high-speed internet, digital cable, two monthly cell phone plans and one PAYG cell phone.


Tell us about your electronics. What phones or tablets do you use? Tell us about how your home network setup and with what gear.


As for electronics in our house, all phones are BlackBerry devices (my Z30, my wife's Z10 and my son's Torch 9860). I've been using BlackBerry phones for years and I think they make a quality product. I'm heavily involved with the BlackBerry Support Forums as well so I just stick with BlackBerry. We have a large screen TV which rocks Rogers Digital Cable, high-speed cable internet (with an unlimited data plan, of course) and that's about it. No radios, no MP3 players, nothing. We don't have much but what we do have runs on Rogers.


Do you have Rogers Whole Home PVR? How is your home entertainment system connected? Delve into your connected world and show it off!


We're not quite as advanced as others; we have Digital Cable on our large TV and regular cable on our other TV. Our NextBox 3.0 gets the job done quite nicely. No need for fancy stuff on our 2nd TV...the kids are on YouTube most of the time.


What your likes/dislikes? Where did your knowledge come from? What do you do in your spare time or what are your technical and/or life experiences?


What I like most is making people happy. It doesn't matter what I'm doing as long as people leave happier than when they arrived. Whether it's helping out on support forums or talking to a stranger in an elevator, I like to see people smiling. 99% of my knowledge comes from reading. A lot of that is reading replies on support forums but I also read articles and blogs that are recommended to me. I have no formal education in electronics or computers but that hasn't affected my ability to find answers to help people.


Community Manager (Retired)

Glad to have you with us!