Recognizing our Resident Experts!!

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Recognizing our Resident Experts!!

Posts: 1,100

We’ll be continuing the theme of our 10th-year anniversary celebrations by recognizing another 2 of our great Resident Experts in the Community. This time we’ll be shining a spotlight on one of our longest-tenured Resident Experts and also one of our newest Resident Experts who has been taking the Community by storm!


Throughout the month of June, we will post blogs highlighting two of our Resident Experts and include some fun facts so you can get to know them better! For a full listing of all our Resident Experts, please CLICK HERE.


Spotlight on @Datalink
Claim to fame: Puma 6 latency hunter and chief complainer, Internet, Wi-Fi, MoCA, and perplexing cable or Wi-Fi problems or challenges.
First joined the community: April 5th, 2013
Total number of posts: 6,771
Total number of likes to date: 1,447

About: Not so very long ago, in a forum not so far away, after watching @Gdkitty answer other customers in the forum, I thought, I can answer that one, and that one, and, and, and ... 6700 posts later, here we are.  After spending over 20 years in government service in operations, software development, and flight test, all the while troubleshooting, testing, and generally overseeing the development of aircraft and ground data systems, I'm still troubleshooting systems, this time, here on the forum.  I'd describe myself as a techie at heart, who enjoys a technical challenge. It’s like solving a puzzle in some manner, in this case with radios and cables, ones and zeros.  Throw in some logic and voila, the solution should be at hand, or so the plan states    I'll usually tackle issues like cabling, signal levels, Wi-Fi issues, and modem or router issues, sometimes with the equipment and sometimes with the configuration.  There's a wide range of topics that I'll look at, and you never know when you start, where it will eventually lead to.  My principal recommendation to other customers, don't hesitate to ask the simplest question, sometimes its really not a simple question after all, and, as one of my professors said to my engineering class a long time ago, if you're wondering about something, there's probably someone else who is wondering about the same thing, so don't be shy and don't hesitate to ask.


Spotlight on @-G-
Claim to fame: Ignite TV, Internet, IPTV, Home Phone, Broadband technologies, Networking and Wi-Fi
First joined the community: July 23rd, 2018
Total number of posts: 874
Total number of likes to date: 446

About: Former IT Consultant who loves movies, music, cooking, and learning and is always looking for exciting new projects to take on. I have a broad technical background, primarily in the areas of IT infrastructure, networking, telecommunications, systems engineering, and security, and have worked in senior technical roles leading complex projects, evaluating emerging technologies, and improving service delivery in large organizations.


Why become a Resident Expert?


Resident Experts get access to a private board where we'll be asking for feedback on Community-related decisions from design to features to programs. They also get a special rank in the Community and a few other exclusive privileges.


How to become a Resident Expert?


We're always on the lookout for new members to invite to the Resident Expert program.  Do you consistently provide help to other users in the community?  Do you have a positive attitude towards Rogers and our community?  You never know … we might tap you on the shoulder one day!


Would you like to be considered for the role of Resident Expert? 


Feel free to reach out to us @CommunityHelps via PM!


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Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Thanks, @RogersTony  and thanks,  @CommunityHelps  for inviting me to join the RE team!  Thanks also for providing us with a place where we can support each other, where we can ask questions and openly discuss any issues that we are experiencing with our service, and share good news when our issues get resolved.


Happy 10th Anniversary and Congratulations!