Public Emergency Alerts tests to run next week

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Public Emergency Alerts tests to run next week

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Hey Community,


On May 7th and May 9th, all mobile devices connected to an LTE network will go through the National Public Alerting System testing. The eligible devices will receive a notification from the Wireless Public Alerting system.  This is a CRTC mandated test to help prepare everyone for potential broadcasts. Alerts regarding Fires, Natural Disaters, Potential Explosives, Terrorist Threats and Amber Alerts are just a few examples of potential broadcasts. TV and radio users will be alerted as well. These alerts are part of a test on CRTC’s end, while the full rollout is still in the works.


Here are the announced timings for each province in respective local time:


May 7th :


Ontario 1:55 PM

Québec 9:55 AM


May 9th :


Yukon 1:30 PM

Northwest Territories 1:55 PM

Alberta 1:55 PM

British-Colombia 1:55 PM

Saskatchewan 1:55 PM  

Manitoba 1:55 PM

Newfoundland & Labrador 1:55 PM

Nova Scotia 1:55 PM

Prince Edward Island 1:55 PM

New-Brunswick 6:55 PM


As per the CRTC, users will be required to acknowledge the receipt of the alert for mobile devices to resume normal functionality. If you’re unable to acknowledge the alert, the notification will continue on for an additional 8 seconds.


For more information please visit Emergency Alert Messages and the National Public Alerting System or Alert Ready.


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While I think these alerts are a good thing..

Unfortunately, wait for after the alert happens.  I am sure on social media, here, etc.. there will be a swath of complaints from people that it interrupted them, etc.

Happens every time the one for the TV is done 😞

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Resident Expert

I had to go shopping for something today, so I timed it for 1:55PM in Toronto at my local Metro store. I was there from 1:50-2:00, but nothing seemed to happen cell-phone-wise?  (I don't have a smart phone)


"The test in Ontario went on at 1:55 p.m., and while some mobile phone users reported having received an alert, others said their phone didn't make a peep."


Seems like it's a good idea to test this technology...Smiley Wink


However, I would have thought there was some "beta" or "internal" testing on say a few phones before going nationwide and showing your incompetence.

Rogers Employee

Friends on Bell report that they didn't even get theirs until about 6PM EST (5 hours after the alert was supposed to sound). So it looks like it didn't go so fantastic, but that's exactly why it was a test! 🙂