PPV events now orderable for Ignite TV users!

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PPV events now orderable for Ignite TV users!

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Hey Community,


Have you heard?


Ignite TV users can now order PPV events off their remote!  Users can pause, rewind, fast forward and restart PPV programs as they air. Ignite TV customers will have access to instant Video On Demand (iVOD). Depending on content rights, customers may have access to their purchased programs for up to 30 days after the program airs. 


Here’s some additional tips you need to know about PPV on Ignite TV:

  • All orders and cancellation of PPV programs can only be done via the TV remote. 
  • You can only cancel your PPV purchase before the program starts airing. Once the program starts airing, you will be billed for the program whether or not you tune to it.
  • Users can search for PPV programs by first pressing Guide, then entering channel 4-9-9.  


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