Olympic Games Wrap-up – Canada’s Success in Rio 2016

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Olympic Games Wrap-up – Canada’s Success in Rio 2016

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Hey Community!


Canada finished with a total of 22 medals — 4  gold, 3 silver, 15 bronze.


That amount matches the best-ever total from Atlanta in 1996 (not taking into consideration the boycotted 1984 Los Angeles Games). This total exceeds the more optimistic of predictions.


Canada's chef de mission, Curt Harnett, said he's proud of how our athletes represented the country, on and off the field of play, at a Games wrap-up news conference held in Rio on Sunday morning.

“We feel we did a really strong and successful job of having our athletes understand the environment they are coming into, to be respectful of the environment that they’re in and complying and using common sense”.


In the pool and on the track, there were Canadian and Olympic records set. “We knew Canada was going to be great but they crushed it,” said Carol Huynh, assistant chef de mission.


Out of the 22, 16 medals were won by Canadian women. The outstanding 16-year-old swimmer, Penny Oleksiak, who won four of them, was named flagbearer for yesterday’s closing ceremony.


Personally, I think that my favorite moment was when Andre De Grasse challenged Usain Bolt, during the 200-meter semifinal.


Have you watched the Games? What were the highlights of Rio 2016 in your opinion?


Did you enjoy the closing ceremony? Let us know! Smiley Wink



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I thought the Olympics this year was very enjoyable. The Canadian atheletes did very well and they should all be very pleased. They won a lot of medals.  My favourites were swimming races and springboard/platform diving. But there are many other events I liked. The race that Usain and Andre De Grasse were in was very entertaining.  I liked the mountain bike womens race.  I've never seen that race before. That looks really tough to do. There were so many things in this Olympics that I liked, I can't remember all of them. I don't remember enjoying an Olympics as much as this one. I seem to have spent most of my time watching TV to see what events were on. I thought Brazil did a wonderful job putting everything together. The closing ceremonies were fabulous. So many different colours. What a great show by the Brazilian dancers. They did everything in style. I will look forward to the next Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.


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Definately agree!  Lots of potential for the next Olympics. Go Canada Go!