MyRogers just got a makeover!

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MyRogers just got a makeover!

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You’ve seen the new Community Forums, and now we’re excited to announce another exciting enhancement to self-service with a refreshed MyRogers. Not only is MyRogers on sporting a clean new look and is easier to navigate, it’ll save you time and allow you to better manage your Rogers products and services on your schedule.


The redesign of the MyRogers site is just the start of a long list of improvements we’re making, but here’s what you’ll notice right away:


    • It’s optimized for any of your mobile devices - online and mobile dashboard will look the same
    • It’s less cluttered to make it easy to find what you’re looking for
    • Key features (like Account Overview) is now brought up to the home page
    • Data usage for each line on your Share Everything plan is displayed in easy-to-read graphs


Self-service continues beyond the MyRogers dashboard…


Next up are improvements to our MyRogers app which will give you access to all your Rogers accounts, as well as bill and data usage details right from your smartphone or tablet.


Stay tuned for more on that and how we’re enhancing your self-serve options to make it easier for you to do business with us.


Tell us what you think of the enhancements!




Log on to MyRogers to check out these exciting changes to get a sense of how we’re making a difference for you. And as always, stay tuned for more improvements to self-serve this year.

I'm New Here

I hate the new's harder to log's harder to navigate.  You just get use to one look and comfortable with using it and then they go change it.  I would rather they spend the money on customer service or reducing our bills than changing their "look" every six months.  There is no reason to change these sites unless people are complaining about them.  Changing them just to keep up with is a waste of money and my nerves!!

I'm a Trusted Contributor

I agree with you janien. I do not see anything about the new site that is "enhanced". It is certainly not less cluttered as all I see are more promotions from Rogers cluttering up the page - with links to Roam Like Home, Rogers Easy-Pay, and Rogers First Rewards taking up a lot more room. The account overview was always on my home page when I logged in so I am not sure what they are talking about here. I really could care less about graphs for data usage. 


What is even more annoying is that certain functions like viewing your guide and managing your PVR have been removed. They can manage to put up the following statement yet somehow cannot manage to restore this feature! Unbelievable!


Need to manage your recordings or view your channel guide?

The links allowing you to do this aren’t available right now, but you can use the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app— it’s free!


Rogers: I do not want to manage my recordings using an app. I do not have an iPad. While I have an Android phone, the app does not work on the latest lollipop firmware. Besides, even if it did, I do not want to navigate through the guide on a 4.7" screen. I want to do it on my computer. 


Rogers: You obviously have the ability to put this on the the new page since it was previously on the old page. It has been over 4 weeks and nothing has been done yet. Do you have some answers?