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MyRogers: The New Way

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At Rogers we’re innovating service, we’re developing the tools you need to make the most of your products and your time. We’re putting the power in your hands, giving you the ownership of convenience. It means giving you a new way to find the answers you need, and new ways to manage your account. It even means giving you new ways to shop.



Let’s take a look at some of the ways we’ve transformed how you manage your services:




We redesigned MyRogers, to make it easier for you to manage your services and to navigate. Think of MyRogers as a central hub for anything you need to manage your Rogers account.

Within my Rogers you can:


  • Check usage
  • Check your balance
  • View your billing history
  • Pay your bill
  • Download detailed usage reports
  • Have access to up to 18 months of invoices
  • Upgrade your device
  • Change your profile
  • Change your plan (add or remove features)
  • Talk to a live agent
  • Access the Community Forums
  • Troubleshoot issues with your phone through DeviceAid
  • And more!



MyRogers is available online, or through the MyRogers app on your smartphone. This means, you can log into MyRogers to do what you need to do, whenever and from wherever.


Get acquainted with the new MyRogers here:






New Rogers Bill Design:


We’ve taken the guesswork out of billing with a new bill that shows you exactly what you need to know. We've made it easier for you to understand your charges and tailored your bill to better suit your needs. In just a glance, you can easily see how much you owe, how much you saved and the breakdown of your charges by product.

We’ve also added easy to read graphs which illustrate how much data and talk you’re using in your plan. If you share your account with other users, you can also easily see how much data and talk everyone is using so that you can best manage your account and ensure you’re on the plan that’s right for you.






New ways to troubleshoot device issues – DeviceAid:


Don’t you just wish you could have your own personal technician with you at all times to help solve your tech issues? Wish no more - we’ve create DeviceAid to do just that! It’s like a personalized technician in your phone that provides curated tips, support personalized to your usage and device, as well as access to an online community. DeviceAid can provide solutions to your problems related to wi-fi connectivity, battery life, app installations, SIM or Bluetooth and more. All this personalized service, right at your fingertips!

I'm a Senior Advisor

This is a discussion that I would love to be part of, but I will need to read after the fact as I am not available to join in at that time.


One thing that I would hope gets discussed is the process of communicating changes as improvements or changes are made to the pages.


As an example, I went to the billing and payment section to find that the layout had changed.


I actually prefer the change in the layout, but I had to go fishing a bit to find what I was looking for.


The big - "view bill" button was no longer present, replaced by a paynow button and current total, payment method, related information, a link to change it and a link to billing history.


What I had been looking for was view my bill, and in particular, I was looking for an old bill.


I then was not able to get back to the current bills.  I had to log out, clear my cookies and cache (Rogers has a lot of issues related to cache and cookies - when pushing out a new build, always run a script to delete all related cookies and saved pages before implementing.


It would also be nice to have a pop-up screen that highlights the changes made, and provides a link to a tutorial on how the look has changed. Show the old way, and the new way with detailed explanation of how it changed and how to use it.


Include a comment box that can be sent for comments and issues.  And on the popup, you can include a checkmark to not see this message again.


Just some thoughts on how to make changes easier for us to deal with.



I Plan to Stick Around

Except - not working today. Cannot access account or bill. (CSRs advise it's a known issue with customers - no ETA to fix).








I've Been Around

I've been trying for weeks, to go to MyRogers. It is still not working. All that comes up, everytime after I am signed in,            is a box that says -    Looks like you’re trying to access your services through MyRogers. We apologize, unfortunately the information you’re looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please check back later and thank you for your patience!


Pleas tell me what's goin on, and why. Thank You.


I Plan to Stick Around

I had that same thing for a couple of weeks in November @knit63 and then it got fixed. 


Then things started working again for a couple of weeks.  Then two days ago - can't see my bill, can't see my account.


Different from before - it acts more like there is no account linkage now. (But can't re-add the account when I try).


I think the account is still partially linked since I can see the account balance on the billing tab (and weirdy an OLD invoice from May of this year; prior to the switchover).


This is really frustrating.


I spent time on the phone and with @RogersHelps on Twitter yesterday; after which nobody would actually open a ticket, because "it's a known issue".


This is really frustrating.


I will not be in a position to pay my bill until I actually receive one!!



I've Been Here Awhile

Have similar issues, since it asked me to migrate from a username to email. It shows as no account linked, but it doesn't allow me to link the account again (account is already linked to another user). Opened a ticket weeks ago, nothing done yet. So we had a working system, they tried to improve it and now it's completely broken. Great.

I'm a Frequent Visitor

I've been trying to view my Rogers bill for weeks now, but keep seeing the message about the service being temporarily unavailable. I called Rogers about it last night and the agent insisted that the problem must be with my browser, that Safari doesn't work with the Rogers site (which makes no sense to me, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt). Funny she never mentioned that others were having the same problem. Anyway, I downloaded Google Chrome like she recommended, but I still can't log in to myRogers to view the details of my bill. I'm frustrated beyond belief. Just when you think you've got it figured out, they go and "improve" everything again. And I hate having to phone for help because you get a different story every time. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. 

I'm a Senior Advisor

@hopetindall  I had a similiar issue for a while - something in the cookies and/or cache were causing me to be able to only see the total, and the old bills, but not new ones, or to get to other areas.  I deleted all Rogers cookies and that fixed it.

But it seemed to have been fixed, on my computer at least.


At least with this solution, I didn't lose all my current settings and cookies for every other site I go to on my PC.


Given the typical solution of clearing everything, you almost have to have one computer dedicated just to the Rogers'site so you don't mess up your other configurations.


Haven't seen that one since (it was a couple of weeks ago if I recall).




Retired Moderator

@hopetindall, @knit63 and @MI6 Along with clearing cookies and caches as @BS suggested, if you haven't already I also suggest testing on different browsers and devices to see if the error is across all platforms.


If further assistance is required, please allow us to help resolve the issue, don't hesitate to reach out to us through PM @CommunityHelps.

@blabla2 We would be happy to assist in following up with the case that was created.

We have reached out to you through PM @CommunityHelps.

Please reply at your earliest convenience.

Awaiting your responses, thank you :).



I'm a Senior Advisor

Note, that I suggested clearing only the rogers cookies (can do this in Chrome and Firefox, but not on IE11)


I am abhorent to suggest to anyone to ever clear all cookies and cache, except as a very last resort.  If it is known that items are being created, corrupted, or not deleted/changed by the application (MyRogers interface), then it is Rogers responsibility to find out why and fix it.


Having to clear cache and cookies, means that the application is not being friendly with the browser, and switching browsers or clearing cache and cookies should be a short term workaround only, and not become a long term recommendation, while we are left wondering when Rogers will get the coding operating.


And yes, certainly contact support and get support through the community helps, or other sources, and for all it is worth, open a ticket.  It gives evidence of how long you as an individual have been dealing with it and is your evidence to demonstrate your efforts to resolve the problem, and allows you to escalate using escalation protocols if you feel that the core issue is not being resolved for you.



I Plan to Stick Around
I've cleared all cookies, etc. Tried chrome. Firefox and safari on Mac chrome on Android. Still the same issue. Two customer service people and one twitter support person haver confirmed it is a widespread issue ( even refusing to open a ticket because it's a known issue impacting many people). So frustrating that other csrs keep pretending if isn't known and keep asking the same questions over and over or tell me to try later on the day instead of just being honest ( outer even better; fixing it)
I Plan to Stick Around
And oh, I don't think it's browser related because my Rogers app stopped working too!!!
I'm a Trusted Contributor


"I am abhorent to suggest to anyone to ever clear all cookies and cache, except as a very last resort.  If it is known that items are being created, corrupted, or not deleted/changed by the application (MyRogers interface), then it is Rogers responsibility to find out why and fix it.


Having to clear cache and cookies, means that the application is not being friendly with the browser, and switching browsers or clearing cache and cookies should be a short term workaround only, and not become a long term recommendation, while we are left wondering when Rogers will get the coding operating."


You are so correct Bruce. I have experienced this response a number of times from Rogers and it only seems to happen when the Rep has no clue what they are talking about. This solution has never worked for me. 

I'm a Senior Advisor

I did find something that those who have been at this for a while will recognize.  If your zoom level is above 100%, depending upon your resolution and your screen size, the web site gets turned into the mobile browser view or something like it.


Here is my post in more detail on what I learned.


Looks like there are a lot of issues going on with myrogers pages. Could be browser, could be old linked accounts, could be changing your user name to the email address, could be zoom size of screen, I know I have missed some.



Retired Moderator



I would like to look into the issues you're having with your account.


Addressing the issue you’ve described involves accessing your account. I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps, when you receive it please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.



I Like it Here

Its time Rogers comes up front and admits that the new MyRogers pages is just not working. No amount of clearing cache, cookies etc and all other suggestions made are working either on the APP or Rogers online. Its frustrating to be asked to link your account to your profile when you know its already linked and then you just cant get past that page.


Come on Rogers, please address this issue!!


I Plan to Stick Around


My cache is cleared each time I log out.  So that isn't the issue.  I am not about to change my browser as it was working just fine before having to change my username to that of an e-mail.  Rogers needs to be accountable for their screw up. 

I Plan to Stick Around

@DonGentles said:


"Its time Rogers comes up front and admits that the new MyRogers pages is just not working."


I totally agree.


It's really unforunate that Rogers is not being up front and direct about this. I note they also removed my comment fromt this blog posting with some details about the actual problem.  


You can read a similar post in another thread - here -




I Plan to Stick Around

How nice. I used to have this app installed on my phone (Sony Xperia Z3) but for whatever reason, removed it. Yesterday I decided to reinstall it. It won't. I get the option to download, and it shows it downloading. Then it begins to install, progress shows. Lastly, when done "installing", it goes back to show the option to "install" as though I never installed it. I have tried from my phone. I have tried from the web to install it to my phone. Neither option installs it.


Anyone else having this issue?


I Like it Here

I've had this issue for a month (that I know of).  After signing in, just try clicking the "myRogers" tab.  The URL it takes you to (with the temporarily unavailable info) is "".

It seems Rogers has just taken it down.  WHy else name the page "underMaintenance"?

Retired Moderator



Are you still having issues with downloading the app?

If you can give us an update that would be great. 🙂




The MyRogers tab seems to be working for me when testing on my personal account.

Could you try clearing cookies and caches to see if you are still getting the under maintenance error page?





I've Been Around

Sorry, I haven't gotten back. MyRogers now works. Thank you for all your help.


I'm a Senior Advisor

Just wanted to let those who have visual acuity issues and the inability to zoom the MYROGERS pages, the programming team is currently working with this issue.  I have an open ticket on it for quite a while now, but after I got my weekly email telling me status, I decided to chat in and hear directly what is happening.


So they are doing something like a button to enlarge text (commonly used option for the visually impaired and making the site accessable, the other option is often to add a text to voice option right on the site.  The option they are talking about is like what you see at the top of a chat box where there are three capital A's of differing size, increasing from the smallest default one up to the largest one.


I sometimes still have to pull up Windows magnifier on difficult days, but I still prefer a well designed web page that allows for zooming, but at least they are working on it and taking it seriously.  I await seeing what it can do when it comes.  Hopefully it meets the demands of my vision.  The options they are using are well defined in accesability standards, so it shouldn't be a huge issue to work through, except for the fact that they are trying to keep the viewport layout consistent on all devices, which quite honestly is quite a challenge on various sized screens and resolution.


The text increase recommendation is 100%, 125%, and 150% so it doesn't mess with page layout too much, so I will have to see, as I often zoom to 200% and sometimes even with a chat box at 150%, I bring the magnifier tool in at 200%, but the magnifier is a real pain in the next.  Kind of like taking a block of the screen and magnifying it, then you move the magnifying glass around the screen.  Just ackward, but useable.


Recommended process at this time in my reading is that developers who are trying to make a uniform view across device types can use the text increase, but should still maintain zoom capabilities, because the text may not be enough, and if you want to zoom a graphic, that option remains unavailable, so you can't zoom in on detail of the graphic on the screen, example  comparing the visual comparison of HD and 4K, which with my eyes, I cannot see any difference in the current view size, which interestingly when I looked at TV's out of curiousity over Christmas, can't see any difference at all and they were doing a Netflix and Youtube feed and claimed it was 4K.  So with my eyes, doesn't make any difference for me at this time.


But back to accommodations, I am glad to see them looking at it and programming for the reality of those of us who have difficulty.  It is one area that in general Rogers has taken seriously in my experience, but then again, it is also mandated under the CRTC codes of practice to do this, they don't really have a choice in the matter.  Even so, I am glad to see it coming and I will provide feedback on how it goes and whether it completely meets my needs.  Their chosen option is only one of many available.



I've Been Here Awhile

Unless I missed something, "Check Usage" is a bit misleading.  I can only find ways to check "detailed" usage that has been invoiced, not what is on the current billing cycle.  I would find it much more useful to see the detailed usage of the current billing cycle, not just what was invoiced.  I can keep better tabs on the kids. 🙂


Retired Moderator



In order to check your current usage, you need to click on the SERVICES tab at the top (after signing in to your MyRogers account).


On the next page you will see "My Wireless Usage" where you can view your DATA, TALK and TEXT usage. 


Click VIEW to expand detailed information.




I've Been Here Awhile
Sorry. I disagree. It does NOT give usage detail. Only a summary. IE: only amount used, not individual calls, etc. Only after the billing period, it appears on your bill.
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