Managing Ignite TV Recordings

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Managing Ignite TV Recordings

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Make the most out of your Ignite TVTM experience by recording your favourite content! Ignite TV’s recording features make it easy to schedule and manage live TV recordings. Keep reading to learn more.

Getting Started!

At a glance, here’s what you need to know about recording on Ignite TV:

  • Recording live TV and scheduling recordings has never been easier, thanks to Ignite TV’s simple, user-friendly interface and the innovative Voice Remote.
  • All recordings are kept in your Cloud PVR for one year, or until you reach the 200-hour limit.
  • Once the limit is reached, your recordings will start being automatically deleted, beginning with the oldest.
  • All your recordings can be easily downloaded to mobile devices using the Ignite TV app’s Download & Go feature.


With Cloud PVR, you can record and store up to 200 hours of HD or 4K content for up to one year! For step by step instructions on how to easily record your favourite TV shows or movies, and how to access your saved recordings, please click here. Good to know: You can also use voice commands to set recordings. Check out Using Voice Commands to learn more.


You can also manage your Ignite TV recordings by sorting, changing, deleting, recovering them and more! For further information, please click here.


On occasion, we've all experienced when a recording won't play or has unexpectedly stopped. This should be an easy fix. Please click here to find instructions on how to get back to enjoying your favourite content!


Have you checked out our new self-serve hub at Find all the information needed to manage your account and services online, 24/7, including troubleshooting tips, answers to most frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and more!

I've Been Here Awhile

Do recordings that I delete get permanently deleted automatically after sitting a few days in the delete folder?


Hello and welcome to the Community @RAB12,


You've definitely come to the right place :)!


A deleted recording sits in Recently Deleted until it is permanently deleted, or until the program is automatically deleted to save storage.  A recording only has a one-year lifespan in your Cloud PVR! Once it reaches that limit, it will be deleted automatically and, unrecoverable.


Hope this helps :)!