Manage and Optimize Your Home WiFi with the Rogers MyWiFi App

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Manage and Optimize Your Home WiFi with the Rogers MyWiFi App

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Hey Community,


These days, our customers have more and more devices online at the same time in their homes.

To help you manage and optimize your home WiFi, we’re launching the Rogers MyWiFi app.


It’s the easiest way for you to control your home WiFi. The app is free to download and currently available for early access from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please refer to the highlights below.



• Rogers Internet service

• Compatible Rogers modem (Hitron CODA-4582 and CODA-4582U to start, more models coming soon)

• Works only when connected to Rogers home WiFi

• App designed for smartphone use only


With the MyWiFi app, you can:

• See all the devices connected to your home WiFi network

• Control online access for kids with automatic WiFi bedtime schedules

• Pause or block Internet access for devices as you choose

• Easily reset or share your WiFi password

• Create a separate, secure network for your guests

• Test the speeds (up to 1 Gbps) from the internet to your modem and to your device


With troubleshooting tools and automatic alerts you can optimize your WiFi signal and security without having to call our technical support. You'll also have the ability to customize your modem settings with advanced controls!


If you're thinking of checking it out, you can participate in the Rogers MyWiFi App Beta Test Contest!

Don't forget to read the Terms and ConditionsSmiley Wink

Resident Expert

Wow, this is awesome.

A lot of these parental controls are things that people have been asking for, for quite a while!

Now only if it worked with the Arris 😛
Though, i guess it would need to work then with the Eero mesh as well.

I've Been Visiting

I love this idea, but why can't I have this for my new Ignite Internet!!!    I just signed on with Rogers, and downloaded the app only to see my modem (which is a new one apparently) is not compatible.  I just came from Bell Fibe and got the Ignite TV/gigabite internet/home phone.


I want to be able to manage the devices on my wifi, right now the kids have free reigns and this is not good.   Also not thrilled that I can't disable youtube on ignite TV (mostly to limit the kids from using it excessively).


Hello, @SS76.


Welcome to Rogers' family and Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for your interest in the MyWiFi app; it certainly offers great features to manage and optimize the home WiFi network. As you know at the moment, the app only works on CODA series. We will blog when more modems become compatible with the app. You can also check the support page.