Manage Your Wireless Data Usage

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Manage Your Wireless Data Usage

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Here are some tips to help you better manage your data usage so that you can continue to enjoy your smartphone with ease.


Tip: If you want data that never stops with no overage charges on your bill, get Rogers Infinite - unlimited data plans for infinite possibilities. This will allow you to stream all your favorite content worry-free - even the bonus content trials that come with select Infinite plans (like 6 months of Apple Music!)

Otherwise, you can limit data overage charges by adding Monthly Data Add-ons to your plan. You can do this both before and after you go over your limit.


If you have Small Business services with us, check out our tips to manage your company’s wireless data usage.


Check which apps drive your current data usage! The device settings on your phone show how much data each app uses.


Keep in mind though, tracking data through your device settings may not always give you a totally accurate view of how much you've used. This is because your device and our network track data usage differently. Your device tracks data usage from the data it receives, while our network tracks data usage from data that it sends out. For example, briefly losing connection in an elevator could cause a discrepancy as you're not receiving the data provided over our network.


If you do notice a discrepancy, use MyRogers as your source for how much Wireless data you've used and how much you have left for the month.


On a shared plan, here's how you can manage your family's data worry-free:

  • Monitor your family's data usage.
  • Set up and receive real-time alerts.
  • Temporarily pause data.


See below for some helpful videos on how to better protect yourself from data overages:


Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad iOS7 or newer):


Android (7 or newer):


Here are some great tips on how to save data:


  • Consider using Wi-Fi when downloading and updating apps or streaming music and videos.
  • Disable auto-play videos on social media apps such as Facebook.
  • Limit using your phone as a Mobile Hotspot - sharing your data with other devices can significantly increase your data usage.
  • Fully close down your apps when you are not using them (this will help with battery life, too!)


Have you checked out our new self-serve hub at Find all the information needed to manage your account and services online, 24/7, including troubleshooting tips, answers to most frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and more!