Long Distance Charges During Covid-19: Our Response

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Long Distance Charges During Covid-19: Our Response

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During this difficult time, we know that people all across Canada want to keep in touch with their loved ones. To help families stay in touch while social distancing, Rogers will automatically waive any long distance and local calling charges for calls made within Canada from March 16 to June 30, 2020. During this period, the minutes for long-distance calls in Canada will not be counted toward your voice bucket.

In addition, we will be automatically removing Pay per use roaming and Roam Like Home charges between March 16th and April 30th, 2020. Fees incurred outside of this time frame will be charged.

If you have Wireless Home Phone with us, you already have free Canada-wide long distance calling so you needn’t worry about that!

Stay safe, stay home and let’s flatten that curve together! You can find more information about our COVID-19 response at this page here: https://www.rogers.com/customer/support/article/COVID-19

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I've Been Around

Is this offer still valid for May 2020?


Greetings @moeKahiel!


Thanks for your inquiry, we'll be happy to clarify! 


As mentioned in the above article, Rogers will automatically waive any long distance and local calling charges for calls made within Canada from March 16 to June 30, 2020. Therefore, the month of May is covered as well! 👍


I hope this helps! Please take care and stay safe!!



I Like it Here

Is there a chance Rogers will extend the complimentary Canada wide, long distance service for my Rogers Home Phone for the rest of the summer?  This appreciated service has allowed me to stay in touch as I am isolated from friends and family during Covid 19.  Thank you.


Hello @TinBirdDriver,


Thank you for your post! We’re happy to know the free long distance offer we put at your disposition allowed you to stay in touch with your loved ones.


At this time, the free Canada-wide long distance for Home Phone users offer has not been extended. We know how important it is to stay connected to your loved ones during these unprecedented times, have you thought about adding a long distance plan to your service to make sure you don’t incur charges when continuing to make these calls?
You can view the available long distance options for Home Phone here


I hope this helps.