Learn to set up your Rogers modem and WiFi in mere minutes!

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Learn to set up your Rogers modem and WiFi in mere minutes!

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Hey Community


Sometimes unforeseen circumstances requires to change/swap out our Rogers internet modem. While some choose to wait for a technician to help with the installations, there are others whom prefer to complete it themselves. If you prefer to install it yourself, you are in luck! Check out this helpful How To Video to learn how!




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Very nicely put together.


The next comment I know should be a no brainer, but after being in the field for years, I have seen it too many times.


You provided that example of how to create the secure password - I personally would have added the comment in the how to - do not use the example, create one of our own and include a link to general rules on creating safe strong passwords - I have seen it too many times, that the person will do exactly what you just showed them - just what some people who don't know better do - like I said, seen it too many times in my career that I no longer provide an example, I tell them the recommendations of numbers, characters, length, don't use a portion of your nickname, mother's name, your dog, etc.  You can't over tell this one.


Also, I am curious - it says plug it into a coax jack - when we had ours installed, they put a dedicated wire, not connected to the cable in the house - in this example, could you be plugging into the lines dedicated to cable, and does it make a difference - the installer certainly made a point of running a single dedicated line not directly attached to the coax for cable.  The reality is it was just on the same splitter at the demarcation point as the three cable runs, so may not matter.


Finally, I laugh about find a centrally located jack - that would be nice if installers actually put the jacks in centrally located locations, not in the basement closest to the demarcation points.  Unless you are getting an install from a tech, you are going to get the jack wherever they put it before, but if you have a tech come in and install cable, you can ask them to put it where you want.  The installer who did our house gave me an extra 75 feet of cable, not a jack in the wall that I could move anywhere I wanted in the basement, or eve up the bulkhead to the first or even second floor in my house - if you can't get a centrally located location, you are going to be into dead spots  in your home and needing either a router in bridge mode or an extender/repeater for WIFI, or into Mesh systems.


But it is a well done video, very self explanatory.