Introducing the new RF remote for your Nextbox!

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Introducing the new RF remote for your Nextbox!

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Great news! We are proud to introduce our new RF remote for your Nextbox!


Whats New?

  • New slimmer and ergonomic design
  • Back-lit so it’s easier to use in the dark
  • New “Back” button
  • New Watch-Cable Button – Allows customers to turn on/off your TV and Digital Terminal at the same time


Another new feature is that the RF remote’s radio frequency allows you to control your Nextbox without having to point the remote directly at the box!


Note: Currently only our Nextbox 3.0 and 4K terminals will have the RF functionality built in, however customers with older Nextbox models (4642, 8642, 8600) can still enjoy all the other features of the new RF remote itself.


Bring your existing remote to your local Rogers retail store and swap it for the new RF remote at no charge!


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Hey guys! 


Just wanted to pitch in since I have been u sing the remote since day one when the 4K box came out.  


Very durable I must say.  Also easy to use too! If the room is dark this remote is for u.  It's Backlite so the buttons will light up during the dark once they are pressed.  


The RF feature is great on it.  At the moment I am using this in my bedroom as i am using a Harmony Elite in my living room.


Great remote! Would highly suggest and recommend it!