Introducing the New Rogers Repair Program!

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Introducing the New Rogers Repair Program!

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Hey Community,


Good news! We're modernizing the Rogers Repair Program. This means we're offering you a quick and easy repair experience right when something happens to your device. Start with the Device Toolbox: the online troubleshooting and repair process within the MyRogers App. You can also reach out to our technical support experts, or visit your local Rogers store.


With the Rogers Repair Program, you get access to:

  • Walk-in repair which will have your device repaired in hours (as opposed to days) at a repair location convenient for you.
  • Real-time tracking on the progress of your repair 24/7 at the click of a button.
  • Timely email notifications on the progress of your repair at key milestones.
  • Access to premium loaner devices if needed.


Here are the benefits of the modernized Rogers Repair Program:


1. Walk-in repair

  • Shorter Turnaround time (get your phone repaired within hours instead of having to wait over a week).

2.  Support via multiple channels

  • You can start or track the repair through any channel – your preferences being based on your needs or convenience.

3. Improved notifications

  • Email notifications sent out at major milestones, to inform you on the progress of the repair to better set your expectations.

4.  Improved Courtesy Phone availability

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 as a Courtesy Phone without a deposit (for most customers).
  • Ability to have a courtesy phone shipped to your location if the store is out of stock or if you are processing it through technical support or online.

5. On-device diagnostics with Device Toolbox

  • Now you can do a self-diagnostic when processing through tech support and online.
  • Get tips & tricks to help improve performance and potentially resolve many common issues

6.  Better integrated with Device Protection

  • Make a Device Protection claim with your account
  • Easier transition from repair into Device Protection if the device is ultimately out-of-warranty (for Device Protection subscribers)


For more information, check out our Rogers Repair Program FAQs.


I've Been Around

What if you have the old plan and they're giving you a hard time?


Hello, @gardenflower


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can understand how frustrating it can be when your phone gets damaged and you are not getting much support on how to get it fixed.


What were you told upon reaching out about getting your phone repaired? Was it Brightstar that you spoke with?


We are looking forward to your response.



I Like it Here

ok, so my phone died a month into joining rogers. (huawei P30 with case/added screen protector - apparently liquid crystal screen leaked...) 

-went to rogers store, told they couldn't help me and told me i had to go to store i purchased it at

-went to store i purchased it at (wireless wave) and was told i could contact brightstar myself and have phone repaired as i pay $13 for premium protection, and first damaged screen is free

-contact brightstar, have to pay $70 (so not free...), get prepaid shipping label and send out phone

-call rogers about loaner phone , told to go to rogers store to get a courtesy phone

- go to rogers store, and told i cant get a courtesy phone because i sent phone out myself, and they could only give me a phone, if they sent my phone out for repairs


how can a company operate like this? talk people into paying over and above inflated monthly fees, to have premium protection, then make them pay for a repair they advertise as free, and decline a loaner phone for a week  to 3 weeks that my device will be out for, because i sent it out myself. What am i paying for?  So now i'm out $13 for premium protection plan that did nothing for me, plus $70+tax to fix a screen that apparently should be free to replace, plus $60 for plan i pay for that i wont get to use as my phone is out for 1-3 weeks without a courtesy phone.