Introducing our current Rogers Resident Experts roster for October 2018

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Introducing our current Rogers Resident Experts roster for October 2018

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Hello Community!


It's that time of year, time to begin the next chapter of our Resident Expert program. In this update, we welcome some new faces to our team but also saying farewell to some familiar faces.


We would like everyone to give a warm welcome to our newest members to our Resident Expert team, @nasa25 & @57!


 If you're not familiar with the Resident Experts, they are tenured members of the community who have a demonstrated track record of posting helpful, objective responses and have committed a significant amount of their time to building the Rogers Community Forums.  


They're identified by the Resident Expert rank and icon in the community:





Your Resident Expert Team (*new):



@57 *







We would also like to thank again @OLDYELLR@Meowmix and @robindp for their past contributions to our Community. We are sad to see them leave our Resident Experts team.


Why should I become a Resident Expert?


Resident Experts get access to a private board where we'll be asking for feedback on Community-related decisions from design to features to programs; they also get a special rank in the Community and a few other exclusive privileges. 


RE's are NOT Rogers employees; RE's are volunteers in the community and we're grateful for their help!



How do I become a Resident Expert?


We're always on the lookout for new members to invite to the Resident Expert program.  Do you consistently provide help to other users in the community?  Do you have a positive attitude towards Rogers and our community?  You never know … we might tap you on the shoulder one day! 


Think we should consider you as a Resident Expert?  Feel free to reach out via PM. 


Congratulations to our new Resident Experts!  We're proud that you've chosen to hang out here with us and share your knowledge and passion with the rest of the community!





Welcome once again @nasa25 and @57, and thank you to our current REs for your contribution.


@OLDYELLR and @Meowmix, truly appreciate your ongoing support 🙂.







Community Manager

Welcome @nasa25 and @57


And a BIG THANK YOU to all our current and former Resident Experts!


We wouldn't be here without you!!!!