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Introducing - Rogers Community Lounge

Community Manager (Retired)
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Hey everyone,


I'm happy to announce that we've added a new board to the community called the Rogers Community Lounge.


 The Lounge is where you can go to talk about casual/fun topics like music, gaming, sports, and movies.  We hope that it will help you get comfy in the community and get better acquainted with your fellow users.


As always, the Lounge will be moderated and our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use will apply.






The Lounge will only be visible to REGISTERED community users.  So, if you don't have a profile in the community yet, be sure to SIGN UP.


We have also updated the Community Guidelines.  Please take a moment to review the guidelines here.


Happy posting!!


I'm a Trusted Contributor

Are there comfy chairs in the Lounge? I won't show up unless they're comfy and I can get coffee and use free Wi-Fi.



Please reply because this will affect my decision.  😛

Community Manager (Retired)

There's every comfort you can imagine!  🙂  Come on over!

Community Manager

We have a couch now @BillJ !


I'm a Trusted Contributor

@RogersDarrell , that's all I needed to hear...I'm heading over now!



Cheers.  🙂