Introducing Edge Financing and Edge Tabs

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Introducing Edge Financing and Edge Tabs

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Hey Community,


On July 10, 2019, we introduced Edge Financing. It’s an affordable and easy way for customers to pay off their device over 24 or 36 months! We’ve also renamed the 2-year subsidy tiers on our plans. Instead of Premium, Premium+ and Ultra, they’re now called Edge 20 Tab, Edge 30 Tab and Edge 40 Tab.


Edge Financing is available online, in Rogers stores and by contacting customer service.


Edge Financing lets you finance a device or phone for $0 down, 0% interest, with equal monthly payments over 24 or 36 months. It’s so similar to Easy Pay that it’s replacing it! All the processes are the same as Easy Pay, except for a few eligibility rules:

  • The 36 month option is only available for phones
  • Edge Financing is not available for:
    • Certified Pre-Owned devices
    • Customers who finance their Unison device(s) on the same telephone number
    • Wireless Home Phone
  • You need to get a Rogers Infinite Edge Financing plan.
  • You no longer need to have 1-month tenure to finance a device.
  • You are now able to finance devices over $900, there is no longer a limit for how much can be financed.

Note: Customers who were on Easy Pay before July 10, 2019 will remain on Easy Pay (no impact for them).


For more information about Rogers Infinite plans, read the Rogers Infinite Plans page.  




How Edge Financing Works

  • Taxes and fees: We apply all applicable taxes for the full retail price of the device on the first bill, along with a Setup Service Fee. We don’t apply taxes to the monthly device payment.
  • Voluntary Payments: You can make additional voluntary payments towards the device balance by contacting Customer Service. These voluntary payments reduce the monthly financing payment, not the number of months remaining on your financing.
  • Device Balance: You will be charged the full Edge Financing balance if you:
    • Cancel or port out your number (including non-payment)
    • Perform a Transfer of Responsibility
    • Want to move from an Edge Financing plan to a subsidy-based plan (Edge Tabs)
    • Upgrade during your term
    • Switch from 24 to 36 months financing or vice versa

Comparing your options

You now have multiple pricing options when you sign up with Rogers:

  • No Tab (Bring Your Own Device): No commitment or term contract needed. Month-to-month agreement.
  • Edge Financing: 24 or 36 month financing with $0 down
  • 2-year terms (Edge tabs): Pay more for the device price upfront but lower monthly payments (upfront price can be discounted during promotional periods).
  • Upfront Edge: Low upfront cost and the customer returns the device to the store at the end of their agreement (available on Edge 30 and 40 in select channels). 


New Simpler Tabs Are Here! Introducing Edge Tabs!

We’ve also renamed the Rogers Infinite tiers to make things simpler. We call them Edge Tab plans and they clearly indicate the monthly device amount.

  • Edge 20 Tab – replaces Premium (No tab price + $20)
  • Edge 30 Tab – replaces Premium+ (No tab price + $30)
  • Edge 40 Tab – replaces Ultra (No tab price + $40)


Check our FAQ page for more info about Edge-financing >