Introducing Anna, our new Virtual Assistant

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Introducing Anna, our new Virtual Assistant

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Hey Community,


Recently, we launched Anna, our new virtual assistant available on Now the first stop when customers contact us through online chat, Anna uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn every day to quickly and accurately answer commonly asked questions (i.e. how to pay a bill or how Roam Like Home works, etc.) with automated responses.


If Anna can’t answer a question, customers will be redirected to a live agent (they can also choose to speak to a live agent at anytime).


This is just another example of how Rogers is creating a best-in-class customer experience and we’re excited for our customers to give it a try!


You can find more information in the video below:



I'm a Senior Advisor

My experience so far with Anna was not very good - the program didn't know what I was asking when I was looking for information on a topic, and so eventually I ended up with a live person.


The person they tried to say, "it must be frustrating (by the way, Anna said the same), with the issue I put forward.


I had chosen a choice hoping that would move me forward, and so when I got the real person, the rep reiterated how frustrating it must be to not have the item Anna came up with - I then had to explain I was not frustrated, I was looking for clarification - it was actually on latency now that I think about it and the only choice was speed, which was not my issue.


So I then had to start all over with the rep and tell her to ignore anything that Anna forwarded, and lets start from scratch talking about latency, not speeds, confirm that as I asked, I just wanted to confirm my latency levels and changes as per reporting on Whiteknows box testing from SamKnows, which the tech did not know what that was and couldn't explain the sudden jump by three times in latency, jitter and packet loss that SamKnows shows (I contacted SamKnows and they found no issues with their equipment and varified that based upon their logs there was a clear jump.  But since it was within spec when tested, but I couldn't show how it had jumped over 75% with 95% packet loss, we left it at that.


So to be honest, the last thing I want in my aging is another "automated" technical and support tool".


As one of the leaders in "AI" pointed out - he is from China, there is no such thing as AI, we just call it that because in general, the tools are nothing but database search engines based upon preset questions and identifiers, and the system builds the list as it grows - in his words, just a more advanced level of growing drop down lists on client/service databases to bring back data in the system.


Just have to laugh when I hear the buzz word AI - it is just advanced search engines that have so much more power than before and do learn from someone asks a aquestion it can't answer, then it has to flag out to a human being to create the answer.


so maybe it will learn and improve - wonder if it understands packet loss and latency yet or what the SamKnows system is, or can it do better than a CSR and identify how to "unenrol;" Roam like home FAQ still talks about no need to enenroll, but it tells you how to enroll.


"There’s no need to remove Roam Like Home when you return to Canada. There are no additional fees to have it on your plan, and you’ll only be charged for Roam Like Home when you use your device in an eligible destination."


I am not sure that Rogers really wants us to know we can unenroll from the add-on service of Roam like Home, so it will be interesting to see if Anna can answer that one.  Most reps get confused the moment we say cancel, disable, remove, etc.


Wonder in the long run will it speed up customer support, frustrate the users, and how many people it will lay off?  Just wondering.  Like I said, I am not a fan of automated systems, at the phone or the chat level.