Ignite TV Service is Available to Customers in New Brunswick

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Ignite TV Service is Available to Customers in New Brunswick

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Hey Community,


Starting August 21, 2019, customers in New Brunswick can activate our Ignite TV service.  We are doing what it takes to Make More Possible for our customers in different regions.


Customers in New Brunswick will be able to take advantage of Ignite TV and experience the best in entertainment. They will have access to the same great features like All-in-One Search, Voice Remote and Instant On Demand.


Ignite TV services are available to New Brunswick customers who live in our cable footprint. We want to allow more Rogers customers will to take advantage of Ignite TV and experience the best in entertainment. 
You can now get a 3-product bundle starting from $109.99/mo. The bundle includes Ignite TV, Ignite Internet, and Ignite Home Phone.


The New Brunswick Ignite TV Bundles includes:

  • 1 Ignite TV Box.
    • Additional set-top boxes may be added for a monthly rental fee of $8 /mo.
    • You can have a maximum of 10 Ignite TV boxes per account.
  • 1 Rogers Ignite Modem and 5 email addresses.
  • IHP with unlimited Canada-wide long distance calling and seven popular calling features.
  • You can customize their services by adding channels (Crave + Movies + HBO) or theme packs to your bundle for an additional monthly cost.
  • These bundles do not include a term.


Good news! When you switch to an Ignite TV bundle, you can get a bill credit when you trade in an eligible owned NextBox(es). You will receive:

  • $25 bill credit for each NextBox 2.0 or 4K
  • $50 bill credit for each NextBox 2.0, 3.0 or 4K PVR


Check out www.rogers.com/ignitetv for more information!

I Plan to Stick Around
I have been thinking about switching to Ignite services here in NB. I would like to hear from anyone who has already made the move over. I know there are some pluses and minuses; for example, I really hate losing the Call Display on the TV. Has everything worked as it should? Do you think over all it was worth switching for? Your thoughts would be appreciated.
I've Been Here Awhile

I am in Ontario and switched over 6 day ago. It was been great and the transition was very smooth, everything working as it should.


Webster01, you must use your landline much more than me if Call Display is a factor... I was reluctant to even keep my landline during the switch. My only sore spot (my wife's really... so mine by proxy) is the phone jacks throughout the house are no longer in play... just wireless sets based from the unit plugged into my new Ignite modem.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The phone jacks should work just as before if the installer had connected the modem to the telephone distribution block as it was before.  It's obviously easier simply to plug a cordless base into the modem instead, but if you wanted the jacks to be active, all you needed to do was ask for a proper installation.


It may have been that the modem is now in a different location, instead of at the home demarcation point, however, even in another location there is usually a telephone jack nearby that you can plug the modem into to "backfeed" all the other jacks in the house.

I've Been Here Awhile

I guess that is where my installer came up a bit short then. It would have been good to know in advance. Without any discussion, he plugged into the local jack and tested... we got wonky results (intermittent ringing across different phones in the house) so he just shrugged and said that everyone gets a cordless set and plugs in locally. I just assumed he was experimenting with something that wasn't expected to work. I guess it is on me now, but you give me hope to get the 'backfeed' working in my home, thanks 57

I Plan to Stick Around
Pieboy I probably use the landline a lot more than you but then I am old. 🙂 If I told you my cell phone plan is $32.50 for two lines and that that is more than enough for my wife and I you might find that a bit hard to believe...but true. Any way we went ahead and got Ignite service. Generally are happy with it. Like the new features some of which are long overdue. A couple of little issues which have been fixed. Find the Concierge feature is better than regular support avenues but it still is overloaded. Have never gotten directly through but wait time is shorter or if you opt for a phone call they do call you back quite quickly. It does seem that technical issues get handled by second level Tech Support form the get go which may result in faster resolutions. My 2 cents worth after about 10 days. Web
I've Been Here Awhile

to follow up... I successfully cabled to a telephone jack nearby that I plugged the modem into to "backfeed" all the other jacks in the house.