ICYMI - Rogers Cup 2016

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ICYMI - Rogers Cup 2016

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Hey Community!


The 2016 Rogers Cup came to an end yesterday, and the vast majority of tennis fans watching, were pleased with the outcome. The finals matches, for both men and women, were spectacular!


Novak Djokovic celebrated his win over Kei Nishikori of Japan during men's Rogers Cup final.

The 12,500 spectators witnessed the brilliant skills of the world’s best player.

Serbia's Djokovic, accepted the Cup for the fourth time, before asking everyone in the crowd to hug the person next to them.


"It was a really wonderful moment," said a smiling Djokivic. "I did feel that it was just the right moment for me to ask politely the crowd to do that, because in the end of the day, we are all here for the same thing. We are all here to connect through tennis, through passion for the sport.

The world No.1 defeated the Japanese player after a short rain delay on Sunday afternoon.


In Montréal, Romanian fans filled the Uniprix Stadium with red and yellow flags, and they got what they came for. Simona Halep, came out victorious against Madison Key and claimed the Rogers Cup title.


The world's (now) third player, said that the fans played a big role in her motivation to win this year’s Canadian tournament. "With all the Romanians, I felt like at home. […] It was an amazing atmosphere  […].” said Halep.

“The man that announced us on the court said two words in Romanian, so that motivated me a lot. I said that now I have to win."


We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

Feel free to share your favorites moments or highlights of the 2016 Rogers Cup with us Smiley Wink