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Hello everyone, 


Yesterday evening, we hosted a live Q&A in the Community all about Rogers Extended Network Coverage. @RogersDan (Dan Beesley, Senior Manager from Domestic Roaming Optimization) and @RogersIrv (Irv Witte, Senior Director from Network Product Management) were online to answer the communities questions.


If you didn't get your chance to comment or ask a question, that's ok, we've made sure that you can get caught up on all the great discussion. The board will be open throughout the weekend. Do take advantage of it and ask any questions you might have unanswered!


Ask an Expert: Extended Network Coverage Board <

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What is Mr Irv Witte's area of responsibility?  I see that he is shown as the Senior Director from Network Product Management.  Is that specifically for Cellular products or does his responsibility extend to Internet Management, ie, modems, nodes, upstream infrastructure, etc?  Sorry I wasn't around for this.

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@Datalink specifically for Wireless/Cellular Networks.