How to update your MyRogers Profile and Settings

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How to update your MyRogers Profile and Settings

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How to update your MyRogers Profile and Settings


It’s much easier than you may think to update your personal information or account settings on your MyRogers profile! Once logged into your profile, just go to the Profile & Settings page to begin. You’ll be able to make these same updates through our App in the near future, so stay tuned!


Here’s a table of the things you can do using self-serve, along with some helpful tips! Please CLICK HERE if you want to get started right away!



When to do this

Things to know

Ran into issues?

Change MyRogers Username (username is an email address):


  • To change the email address you’re currently using to log-in to MyRogers or other services like Ignite and more.


  • Your username must be a valid email format: The ‘+ (plus)’ symbol is not accepted.
  • Your username email can be different than the contact email we have on file for bill and account communications.


  • If your desired username is already in use, please try a different one


Change MyRogers Password:



  • To avoid error messages in the future, change your saved browser password to your updated password.



Setup or Change your Wireless Recovery Number (in case you forget your username or password):


  • For a forgotten MyRogers username or password, you can set up a wireless recovery number. We’ll send a PIN by text message your mobile number to help retrieve your sign-in information quickly (it’s quicker than an email).


  • You must use a wireless phone number (can be any provider – cannot use a landline). For your security, we partially hide your wireless recovery number on file.
  • You cannot completely remove or delete a wireless recovery number once provided.
  • Learn how to recover your username or password via SMS.


Update your Billing Contact Email or Language:


  • If you want to change the email address where we send your monthly bill notifications.
  • You can also change your language preference for these communications.


  • Contact email can be different from the username email.
  • Format for contact email: Please note: the + (plus) symbol is not accepted.


  • If you try to update your email to the same email we have on file, you’ll see an error message –try a different email.


Update your Home Phone and/or Business Phone Number(s):


  • If the home phone number and/or business phone number we have on file is incorrect or you want to provide a new one.


  • For your security, we partially hide the phone number(s) we have on file.


  • If you try to update your phone number to the exact same one we have on file, you’ll see an error. Please try a different phone number or keep your settings as-is.


Update your Billing Address:


  • If your billing address has changed.
  • For debit/credit card payments, update your billing address so it’s the same one used at your financial institution.


  • P.O. Box numbers cannot be displayed or updated online, please contact us to update it.
  • For fraud purposes, you cannot upgrade to a new wireless device online within 30 days if you updated your address online (you can, however, upgrade your other products and services).
  • We’ll try to match the address you entered with Canada Post – you can submit either version to us.
  • Note: If you want to move residential services from one location to another please contact our Moves Concierge Team.
  • You cannot enter special characters (including dashes and French accents) or street directions (Bloor Street East) into the input fields but upon clicking Continue, Canada Post should automatically add them for you.
  • If you try to submit a billing address that is identical to what we have on file, or if only the capitalization differs, you’ll see an error message.   




For the safety and security of your account, you must contact us and authenticate to do the following:


  • Change your first or last account name (i.e. due to marriage, divorce, etc.)
  • Add or manage other authorized contacts on your account
  • Put your account on a temporary, voluntary suspension (i.e. for travel) or turning it off
  • Change ownership of an account (i.e. due to death)
  • Add or update your mobile phone number (the feature is coming in soon!)
  • Completely remove a phone number or contact email from our system


Have you checked out our new self-serve hub at Find all the information needed to manage your account and services online, 24/7, including troubleshooting tips, answers to most frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and more.