How to return Rogers equipment

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How to return Rogers equipment

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How to return Rogers equipment


To return unused or disconnected Rogers rental equipment (and to avoid unreturned equipment fees!) just ship it back to us at no charge. Keep reading for more information.


Before you begin:

  • We’ll first need to authorize any return, so please contact us before returning your equipment (if you haven’t already).
  • See below for a full list of equipment that needs to be returned.


Create a Free Canada Post Return Waybill Online



  1. Using the link provided, click Print a Return Label.
  2. Enter PR823007 in the Canada Post Return ID Number field and click Continue.
  • The Print a Return Label page will load with Return Information for Rogers Communication Canada Inc. 

     3. Complete Your Contact Information section.

Fill in all the mandatory fields:

First Name:
Last Name:
Email: (The email address in which to receive the waybill)
Address Line 1:
Postal Code:


      4. In the Item Details section, select the radio button beside Yes to confirm that the item(s) weigh less than 65lbs.

      5. In the Email Notification section, check Exception or Delivery or both.

      6. Click Continue.

  • You’ll see the information you’ve entered on the form. Click Edit if you need to make changes to any of the fields.

      7. Click GET LABEL.

      8. Check your email (including your junk folder) for a copy of the return waybill.

  • You’ll also receive a tracking number in your email. Keep the tracking number provided for your records.

      9. Securely pack the items to be returned in a box.

     10. Print the label and attach it to package with the items you are returning:

Internet: Internet modem/gateway, Power Supply
Mesh: Eero Hub and Beacon(s) with power supply, Ignite WiFi Pods
TV: Set top box, Remote Control/Convertor, Power cord/power supply
Home Monitoring: Touchpad with power cord/power supply, Black NetGear router with power cord
TV Remote: TV Remote (don’t include the batteries)


     11. Drop off the package at any Canada Post office.


Bring your Equipment to a Canada Post Outlet for Return


  1. Securely package the equipment you want to return in a box:

Internet: Internet modem/gateway, Power Supply
Mesh: Eero Hub and Beacon(s) with power supply, Ignite WiFi Pods
TV: Set top box, Remote Control/Convertor, Power cord/power supply
Home Monitoring: Touchpad with power cord/power supply, Black NetGear router with power cord
TV Remote: TV Remote (don’t include the batteries)


     2. Bring the package to any Canada Post location.

     3. Present the Canada Post representative with the return policy number PR823007.

  • Providing this number will ensure you are not billed for the delivery charges.
  • You’ll be provided with a tracking number at the end of the process.


No printer? No problem! Simply bring the return policy number indicated in the email received. The return label can be printed by the clerk at any Canada Post location.


If health or physical disability issues are preventing you from visiting a Canada Post location, please contact us.


The following rental items must be returned:


  • Internet modem/gateway
  • Power supply

Mesh (Wall-to-Wall WiFi)

  • Eero Hub and Beacon(s) with power supply
  • Ignite WiFi Pods


  • Set top box
  • Remote control/Convertor
  • Power cord/power supply

Home Monitoring

  • Touchpad with power cord/power supply
  • Black NetGear Wireless router with power cord

Home Phone

  • Home phone terminal/“EMTA”
  • Power cord/power supply


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I've Been Here Awhile

Thank you. I have been needing to return a cable box and couldn't because of the store closures, yet Rogers has billed me for the box.

Now I know how to return it safely and get the charges reversed.

Thank you so much!


Hello @amxreid,


I'm glad you found the blog helpful! As mentioned above, and in case you haven't already done so, please make sure you contact us before returning your equipment so we can authorize the return.





I'm a Frequent Visitor

I received a shipping label from you. Returned the items and received a confirmation from Canada Post that you had received the equipment, yet just received a bill for over $300...the charges were for not returning your equipment. Your online chat with a rep froze and the only solution provided before I got disconnected was wait til the next bill to see if it's corrected. I cancelled service in April and I have to wait until July to see if there is still a mistake? Don't want some outstanding bill to effect my credit rating when it's obviously an issue on your companies end


Hello and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums @LindsayBoardman 


I realize $300 is a rather high amount. Thank you for returning the equipment in a timely manner. I know you've mentioned you cancelled the service in April but may I know when did you return the equipment? Depending on when the equipment was returned and then updated in our system the invoice generation date could have passed before the changes may have gone through. I would recommend you to wait for the revised final invoice to view any applicable charges or credits.


Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.




I'm a Frequent Visitor

Hi Zia,


Yes, service was cancelled in April and due to Covid your stores were closed. Your rep instructed me to reach back out for a shipping label if the stores were not reopened by mid May which I did. The label was received May 22 and I received an email from Canada Post on June 1st stating that the shipment had been delivered/received. I then received a bill for the equipment June 5th. I'm unsure why I have to wait until July 5th billing to see if this has been corrected. If I provided the tracking number which shows that the package was received by your company then I don't understand by I can't get some kind of confirmation that the balance owing is $0? I don't want to take any chances that my credit is effected in a negative way due to an outstanding bill that is not actually owing

Resident Expert

@RogersZia what exactly are you saying when you indicated "I would recommend you to wait for the revised final invoice to view any applicable charges or credits."  Are you indicating that the customers should pay the bill even though the equipment has been returned, and potentially tie up several hundred dollars while Rogers sorts its billing out, or, not pay the bill, waiting for the "revised final invoice to view any applicable charges or credits"?  In that case, Rogers will report the non-payment to Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada, damaging the customers credit rating.  Customers would then have to go to those agencies to dispute Rogers non-payment report.  There is no guarantee that the report will be removed from the customers credit rating.  There has to be a better solution to the problem.  Either Rogers need to improve its returned equipment process, or, customers who leave Rogers need to have their bill due dates extended to something like 60 or perhaps 90 days while the equipment issue resolves itself.  There needs to be some flexibility here and a little thinking out of the box. Talking with Tier 1 staff will accomplish nothing in this regard.  Someone, like the moderators in the forum need to raise the issue with the relevant Rogers staff members to find a better solution. 




I totally understand where you’re coming from, I wouldn’t want my credit rating affected due to an equipment charge. I can certainly verify the status of your adjustment and overall account standings.


We'd like to take a closer look at this to see why the equipment is still showing unreturned. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can locate your information on our file and get started.


If you aren't familiar with our private messaging system please click here.




I Plan to Stick Around

I've run into the same problem.  I got a shock when I came back from my Christmas vacation to find a $1000.  bill from Rogers.  $790.93 "unreturned equipment" and $2.37 "late payment charge" because I didn't pay the $790.93 within 3 days.  (That's right folks, Rogers expects you to check your bill every day and not just once a month.) 


I returned the Equipment using the labels Rogers provided in November and the Unreturned Equipment charge appeared on my bill over 30 days after the equipment was returned.  Rogers has a serious issue with not scanning their own tracking labels to ensure that a box is NOT in their warehouse before charging the client.  


They also do not seem to realize that most companies allow clients 30 days to pay a bill.


2 years ago I would have recommended Rogers to friends as being A+.  In the past year they've degraded to D and I no longer recommend them to anyone.


Hello @RedMarvel!


Thanks for posting your concern. We are truly sorry to hear that you are feeling down about your Rogers service as of late, we definitely want to help turn your experience back into a positive one again. 🙂


Regarding the 'unreturned equipment', there have undoubtedly been some delays with receiving and processing equipment returns at our end, mostly due to the current pandemic that is ongoing. By any chance, were you able to check your tracking info online to see what the status of the return shows? When it comes to the billing, there should absolutely be some wiggle room when it comes to when the payment is due versus when the invoice is processed and it's definitely more than 3 days. I'm not sure why your invoice would suggest otherwise?


Perhaps we can take a closer look into both of these issues for you and come to a more reasonable conclusion. If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thank you!


I Plan to Stick Around

I've sent a Private Message to @CommunityHelps.

I've Been Around

Hi. I’m returning 2 PVR boxes and an older modem to Rogers and received 3 Purolator shipping labels with the new ignite equipment I ordered. I assume this constitutes authorization to return the items. 

A couple of questions though...

- can I simply pack the 3 items into one box and drop them off at Purolator with the 3 labels?

- or even easier, can I just return the items to my local Rogers outlet?




Good afternoon @javabean1,


Thanks for your post!


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic and for safety reasons you do not have the ability to return your hardware at your nearest Rogers store. Worry not! If you received the return labels, that means your equipment return has already been authorized.


Depending on the weight authorized per label it may be ideal to pack them individually. Don't forget to keep the tracking number for your record and get in touch with Purolator to arrange the pick-up!


Let us know if you have any questions. Hope this helps! 😉



I've Been Around

Thanks Maude!

I've Been Visiting



Warm Greetings!
I want to inform Rogers that I have returned a modem to one of its stores in Mississauga yesterday.
My question is, how long will it takes to update the total amount of my bill or view the reversed statement.


Thank you.

I'm a Frequent Visitor

I received a label from Rogers to return old equipment while upgrading, and sent it out with Purolator, who lost the package, and returned to me. I then resent it, and it was received by a Larry at the warehouse, which had 3 items in it. Rogers decided to bill me for the items the same day they were received, and start calling me about a past due bill (they hit my bill 2 days before my cycle ended.). After 3 days, ONE item was credited to my account, and 2 days later my bill came out and showed me as past due, (yes, you read that correctly, Rogers define a 2 day old bill as past due). with 3 - 5 calls a day from a robot asking me to stay on line to wait for someone. (these calls were during work, and while I was in bed). I took the first one, waited, and was told that they would stop the calling with a 'note' on my account (did not work). My bill finally came out to be seen 5 days after they started calling constantly, and still only one of the three returned credited, and a late fee applied. I then get told that I have to stay on a call for over 50 minutes on hold, to get Rogers to put in a track in their warehouse for the missing items (once again, ALL in same box, you got one, perhaps lift the box to see if anything still in it?). Now I have to wait until the warehouse "finds' it to credit my bill, with advice to pay off the extra 600$ to not effect my credit rating, to get a future credit. 

I Like it Here

Well Rogers does it again....sent my old equipment back over 2 months ago now and I’m still being harassed about an almost 300$ return fee. This is completely unacceptable. If this affects my credit score in anyway I will be extremely angry and hold Rogers 100% accountable. You need to do a much better job of receiving and scanning items faster so this doesn’t happen. 2 months and still being emailed and called. I even have a receipt for the return. Canada post website says it’s returned and yet I still get harassed for it. Figure it out!!! 


Good evening @Eeic,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! I hope you're doing well and staying safe. Thank you so much for taking the time to bring this up to our attention. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be.


We'd like the opportunity to take a deeper look into this in order to help you reach a resolution as soon as possible. Please get in touch with us via private message so we can see what took place on your account and investigate further. Send your PM at @CommunityHelps at your earliest convenience. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.


Thanks so much!