How to Update your Payment Method

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How to Update your Payment Method

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How to Update Payment Method


Have you determined that a different method of payment will work better for your needs, but aren’t sure how to get the ball rolling? Here you will find help on how to make this change using our self-serve options.


These steps will guide you through updating your pre-authorized payment information.



  1. Sign into your MyRogers profile.
    • If you're experiencing difficulties signing in, you can recover your MyRogers username or password.
    • Don't have a MyRogers account? Register for one to manage your services.
  2. Click Billing & Payment.
  3. Click Change Payment Method.
  4. Select the payment method in the dropdown menu, and then enter your new payment information in the fields provided.
  5. Click Update Payment Method.


MyRogers App:

  1. Open the MyRogers app and sign in.
    • If you're experiencing difficulties signing in, you can recover your username or password.
    • Don't have a MyRogers account? Register to manage your services from your smartphone!
  2. Tap the icon (three horizontal lines) and select PAYMENT or BILLING & PAYMENT.
  4. Select your new payment method, and then enter your payment information in the fields provided.


How long does it take for the changes to be reflected?

It can take one business day for the payment method change to be processed when you make the change online or in the MyRogers app. To avoid missing a payment, you can arrange a one-time payment of your current balance and switch to pre-authorized payments going forward.


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