How To's: Changing Your Username - Community vs MyRogers

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How To's: Changing Your Username - Community vs MyRogers

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In the past, there have been many requests and many a thread asking a very tricky question - how do I change my Community or MyRogers username?


While connected in nature, the MyRogers username does not have the same flexibility as a Community Forums username due to the secure content included in a MyRogers profile.  Because of this, if you wish to alter your MyRogers username you must create the new username, disassociate your current Rogers account(s) from the current username and re-associate them with the new username.


To change your Community Forums username you can simply reach out to me (RogersDarrell) or any one of our active Moderators with the new username of choice.  Remember that a community username cannot contain personal info, inappropriate content or 'Rogers' in anyway. Any username that is found to contain any of the aforementioned will be changed.


Hope this clears up any further confusion about the MyRogers and Community Forums usernames Smiley Tongue



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This is good to know.


I've often thought of changing my username to ReallyNiceGuyWhoLikesToHelpOutInTheRogersSupportForums but that contains 'Rogers' and therefore would be rejected. It would also be awkward if I ever met any of you in public and had to run through that each time I introduced myself.



For those reasons I shall forever be known as BillJ. Cheers.  🙂