Have a Single Line Wireless Plan?

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Have a Single Line Wireless Plan?

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Calling in to change your price plan is a thing of the past. We’re pumped to launch this new self-serve option to you!


In keeping the momentum in our journey to provide you the best options for self-serve experiences, we’re celebrating the launch of single line Plan Changes, Hardware Upgrades and the Suspension/Reactivation for Lost/Stolen devices to save you time and allow you to manage your Rogers services and products on your own terms.



How does it work?


Single line customers (customers who have a single line legacy and/or single line share plans) now have the freedom to surf Rogers.com and compare their current plan with all new in-market plans in an easier, intuitive manner. Once you find that plan that better suits your needs, you can simply select that plan and complete the transaction online, without ever having to call us!


And it gets even better. This new self-service is also available on mobile!


To Complete a Plan Change:


1.    Sign In to MyRogers.
2.    Select the CTN.
3.    Click on Change Plan to initiate.
4.    Choose a new plan and click Select.
5.    Select add-ons you’d like to keep.
6.    Choose Your New Add-ons and click Select.
7.    Click on Checkout.
8.    Review your order.  Click Complete Order.
9.    Order Confirmation page.


To Complete a Hardware Upgrade:


  1. Sign in to MyRogers.
  2. Select the CTN.
  3. Check Device Balance.
  4. Click on Upgrade My Device.
  5. Select a phone and Upgrade.
  6. Configure your device and plan.
  7. Select add-ons you’d like to keep.
  8. Choose New Add-ons and click Continue.
  9. Select your shipping address.
  10. Review your order. Click Complete Order.
  11. Choose your payment option.
  12. Review your Order Confirmation.




How does it work on our end?


The process is completely automated, which means we don’t have a back office team working in the background to do the necessary work to complete the transaction.


Our job is to service you, our customers, and ensure we make it easier for them to do business with us. Giving them the choice to change their price plan online is one way we’re bringing this to life.


Stay tuned as we continue to make waves in the self-service space.


Thank you for being with us!