Greater than Expected Demand of Rocket Wi-Fi Modem

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Greater than Expected Demand of Rocket Wi-Fi Modem

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The new Rocket™ Wi-Fi Modem features AC is part of the fastest Wi-Fi technology in the world. Things this great is both popular and well received by everyone. With the popularity of ROGERS IGNITE, there has been a greater than expected demand for our new Rocket Wi-Fi modem. The new modem is compatible with our Hybrid Fibre tiers or the older internet rate card (i.e. Express, Extreme, Extreme Plus, etc.). As this was talked about on our forums lately (read about it here), we’d like to dedicate today’s blog post to give everyone an update on the situation and information to differentiate a few things!


To all existing customers who are migrating to one of the ROGERS IGNITE Internet tiers, rest assured we will be providing the Advanced Wi-Fi modem if you don't already have one until our inventory levels of the Rocket modem improve. We’d like to inform everyone that the Advanced Wi-Fi modem is equally capable of providing the ROGERS IGNITE speeds.


If you are not using any AC compatible devices, there is no need to make the switch as you will not be able to benefit the AC Wi-Fi Technology. Only those using an older Wi-Fi Modem would need to swap it to use ROGERS IGNITE packages or bundles.


We have also included the following chart to help everyone understand it an a glance:


Customer Scenario

Rocket ™ Modem

Advanced Wi-Fi Modem

Keep Existing Modem

New Customer




Legacy to ROGERS IGNITE – with Advanced Wi-Fi Modem




Legacy to ROGERS IGNITE – with Standard Wi-Fi Modem or older





Hope this helps figuring which modem is best for your usage and do stay tuned for more!


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It is still really a shame that Rogers is still offering the option of a wifi modem only and not a stand alone modem. Despite the new Rocket Wi-Fi Modem, the bottom line is that if customers want decent wifi, they will still have to put this modem to bridge mode and purchase their own router. When will Rogers ever understand that many of us would simply like a stand alone modem and that many of us are aware that Hitron offers a 24-channel stand alone modem?

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When is the next ETA of the new Rocket Modems?