Great News! Updating Marketing Permissions Is Now Easier Than Ever

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Great News! Updating Marketing Permissions Is Now Easier Than Ever

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Hey Community,


Over the years, a lot of you asked for an easier way to update your marketing permissions. You spoke, we listened!


Since October 4, 2017, users who wish to opt-out of email and SMS marketing messages can unsubscribe themselves right from!


You can now opt-out of receiving email and SMS communication from Rogers directly from our website. To perform this transaction, please follow the steps below:


1. First of all, go to




2. Enter your email address or mobile number and click UNSUBSCRIBE.


3. A success message will appear letting you know that you’ve successfully completed the opt-out process. Click Done to exit the screen.




Please note that it can take up to 10 calendar days to be added to the Internal Do Not Call List. This means that in the meantime, you might still be contacted.


  • Registering to the Internal Do Not Call List opts you out of SMS and email communication to you mobile number or email address. This will also automatically unsubscribe you from direct mail and telemarketing communication.
  • When you register, you won’t receive telemarketing communications for 3 years and 31 days from the day of your request. You’ll be permanently opted out of SMS and email communication.
  • After opting out, you won’t receive any promotional communications, any marketing messages or notifications when you are close to the end of your term. You may still get:
    • Service impacting and renewal messages about services and offers that are expiring
    • Automated messages like order confirmations and usage alerts
    • Informative messages


Your account isn’t unsubscribed from receiving communication, only your email address or mobile number is.

If you update your email address to a new one or change your mobile number, you’ll need to register the new information to the Do Not Call List as well.

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This is a good step forward, but I was looking for this notice on a bill, or on MyRogers, and other social media (Facebok), and this is the only location where I have seen this notice, and it has already disappeared down the blog and was easy to find by searching with the keyword on the forum, Google did not return the result though,


So the average person is not going to be able to find this information easily.


It is a not an improvement over the old MyRogers section in the profile information where for years we have been able to choose all forms of communication mail, text, phone, but did have the one failure that it didn't get all emails, phone numbers of all attached email and devices of secondary users, so that is an improvement, and I can live with putting in my one attached email and my one other user and our three phone numbers.


Maybe a suggestion to add this feature as is to the My Rogers profile, and include it in the helps section.  The help section on this topic and FAQ still reference the old marketing choice selection of two years ago that disappeared when MyRogers was completely changed.


So, thanks for the link, please make a recommendation back to the teams to add it to the Profile section on myRogers, and to update related support documents, and to communicate to all support and CSR's, as they still don't all know it either and when they do the search on their end, they get the same thing we get in a search, the old method, and I then quickly cut them off and say that has been out of date for two years, there is a reference to it on community forums I recall.  Please update your notes.  This happened in a recent call and I just wanted to check that my changes went through.  There remains no way of seeing at a glance for the users what our choices are and that would be beneficial to add.


Quality improvement and end to end customer experience as they now say.  Got to keep up on the buzzwords and hold the company to the spirit of that phrase - I see improvements and changes coming, this is a big ship to turn around, as the CEO said in his reported comments.