Good News for CODA-4582 Users!

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Good News for CODA-4582 Users!

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Hey Community!


As we have continued to enable DOCSIS 3.1 across our network we have seen a growing number of cases where some customers’ Internet performance drops to an unusable state and requires a reboot of their 3.1 modem to restore full connectivity.


In working closely with all stakeholders including Intel, Casa, Hitron and internal teams, we are happy to report that we have a fix ready to deploy to all customers who have a CODA-4582.


This fix will be available to customers by a simple reboot of the modem and the process will be effective by end of day on Thursday, February 23rd.


The reboot will cause the modem to download the latest firmware version if it is not already running it.

The download will take approximately 30 seconds and the modem will reboot automatically to complete the installation of the downloaded software.


For customers already provisioned and using the service, all existing settings will be retained and for new installs the firmware download will take place as part of the provisioning flow when it is first connected.




In addition to this important fix, we will also be re-enabling IPv6 on the CODA-4582 for another win for our valued customers. 

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So if I already have the latest firmware, my modem doesn't need a reboot? If it does, will the reboot happen automatically or do I have to manually reboot it? Would IPv6 get re-enabled without a reboot?

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Nothing better resulted for me with the launching of your .24 production version of the attempted firmware. Speed degradation continues. My speed today are below 600 Mbps download and a paltry less than 15Mbs upload. I have been paying for almost 3 months now for UP TO 1000 Mbps download and UP TO 50 Mbps upload speeds. When are the REAL GOOD NEWS going to be achieved first and then announced too?
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Rogers needs to push the update baked into the same version. It would seem that you only get the fix if you actually get to update to the new version. My router has that version but no fix came after rebooting. In other words, it didn't update.

Try changing the version number and pushing it again and we all will stop complaining.

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If you had .24 already loaded as part of the trials, the final production version of .24 is the same firmware.  If there were any additional changes, the version would have probably been released as .25.  The same version number can be used despite additional changes, but, that would only occur very early in the development of the version, not at the very end of the development just prior to its deployment.  In terms of seeing IPV6 up and running, you would most likely have had to reboot the modem and possibly reboot your router in the event you use a modem - router combo.

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I am happy to hear that Rogers is trying to get this issue sorted out. As a large network company this is what I would expect when a situation like this happens. I still do not understand how a bad modem slipped through the cracks and got into our homes.


After the restart, I am still getting speeds of max 500mBits/s dl and up to 10 mBits/s upload using speedtest to ROGERS server. I am wondering Rogers, why did you make us return our Rocket wireless gigagbit modem and get this bad one. the Rocket one worked PERFECTLY and near 900mbits/s download with 30-40 mbits/upload and stronger wireless signal.


So far from the email I recieved to switch to this modem, it seems like Rogers is false advertising. I hope Rogers fixs this because in the past Rogers has had a bad reputation for being Ro**ers.

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I had the last firmware but I can't use an external usb to share content...

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I went to the Rogers store on the weekend to trade in my Hitron CGNM-3552 router for the newest white Hitron CODA-4582 router (with 2 black dots on it).


With the "old" router I was able to get download speeds up to a maximum of 860 Mbps (averging around 820 Mbps) and in the last few months had no problems with the router or internet performance.


Since I installed the router on Saturday I've noticed 2 things immediately.  First of all, on Sat and Sun night, at precisely 2am the router decided to reboot itself. (I noticed the time because it coincides exactly with when my Rogers PVR decides to reboot itself EVERY night as well which is so annoying.)  So is this going to be a nightly occurance?! That at 2am every night it's going to reboot?


More importantly, when I got home this evening at 10pm, my iPhone detected and connected to the Hitron WiFi, but could not connect to the internet.  So I went to my desktop computer which is connected to the Hitron via ethernet cable and tried accessing the internet, and again could not.  I saw that all the green and blue lights were on and even flashing on the Hitron, so I tried login in to the router settings ( to see if there were any errors and nothing happened.  I just couldn't even log into the router page.


So I unplugged the Hitron power cord, then plugged it back in and everything is working fine now.  So again, is this going to be a common thing that I have to unplug this "new" router daily??


I checked the firmware and it says


Any info would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps I should head back to the Rogers store and try to get the router I just traded in back?!

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I have the Coda modem with one Black Dot on it. Is there a new one with Two Black Dots on it (as stated by 


Hi @Hucklebury and @Girvamonkey,


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If you have any questions with regards to the CODA modem hardware, I recommend asking in this thread here: Rogers Hitron CODA-4582 Hardware