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Go Canada Go!

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Hey Community!


Have you been watching the 2016 Rio Games?


What’s your favourite sport to watch?


Canada has won medals in Diving, Swimming Relay and a few others and still over a week to go in the games!


With a current count of 6 medals, 1 silver and 5 bronze medals. 

Who do you think will win Canada’s first gold medal?


Don’t forget you can catch the games from anywhere on Rogers AnyPlace TV, Rogers On Demand and even 4K!


Check out our last week’s blog for more details.

I'm Here A Lot

I've been watching a lot of the Olympics. My favourites to watch are swimming and diving, both for men and womens. Tonight (Thursday) Aug. 11, I was particularly interested in the women's freestyle I think it was, when Penny (forget the spelling of her last name). she is 16 and got a Gold medal tonight and a girl from the U.S. shared the gold with Penny) Penny has won the Gold, Silver and two Bronze so far. She is doing well.  I like to watch the men's swimming races as well. Also love to watch high diving. Used to do a lot of swimming and diving in my younger days, so I am always interested in swimming and diving especially during summer Olympics.  I will keep watching.


Hey @remm276,


Thanks so much for sharing!


Penny Oleksiak's performances left me speechless as well.

I was so happy for her, she made me so proud to be Canadian.


Natation and Diving are also my favorites Smiley Wink


Hope you enjoy the Games as much as we do - We appreciate your input! 



I'm Here A Lot

Hi Rogers Maude,


I had to look up the meaning of "Natation". It's a new word to me. You live and learn.  Penny has done very well and is very young and could have a great swimming career ahead of her. 


 I watch several activities in the Olympics but mainly only the ones I like. I guess everybody does that. Swimming and diving were my passion in high school - eons ago, so they are my first choice to watch at Olympics time. 

Last night  when I put TV on, the men were competiting in pole vaulting and it was quite interesting and ended in a very close competition. A young Brazil guy won the gold and I was glad as fans in his home country cheered for him.


Canadian Andre De Grasse did well yesterday getting a bronze in the same heat as Usain Bolt who of course got the gold.  Andre is quite new to the Olympics and is only 22 and so far doing well.  He will be in the semi-final tonight. I like to see young people who are starting out with a promising career no matter what nationality they are. 


I am not a soccer fan, but noticed the Canadian womens team have been doing well getting medals. So good for them.


I am not sure what is on tonight, but the Olympics will be over soon and I am sure there will be something I want to watch. 








I thought I was the only one who had to look up 'Natation'. Derek Drouin got us another gold today 🙂 

I'm Here A Lot

No RogersZia, you were not the only one that had to look up "Natation".  I looked it up first to see what it meant, before I said anything.  We may not be the only ones - hehe. I saw Derek Drouin get the gold for the high jump today. I saw some of the hurdles and some sprinting. I also saw some of the soccer game between Canada and Germany and Germany won the game 2-0. Some of the Canadian soccer players seemed quite upset, but that's how things sometimes go. didn't see any swimming or diving today. Maybe tomorrow. I also saw on TV news tonight about a swimming club for people over 55 in Toronto. It showed a lady of 88 years old swimming and she could swim pretty good. I like to see older people doing things like that and enjoying it.


Uh oh!Smiley Embarassed

Guys, I'm so sorry...

I may have accidentally been stuck on "French Maude" (see what I did there Smiley Very Happy)

Natation, as you may have probably found out by now, actually means swimming in English.


The ladies' soccer game between Canada and Germany was awesome. However, their dream of an Olympic gold medal was shattered since it ended 2-0 for them. We'll therefore be going against Brazil, on Friday, for the bronze. You're right @remm276, I remember seeing Sophie Schmidt trying to comfort an Ashley Lawrence in tears, after their loss.





I'm Here A Lot

That's OK. I thought at first you meant "Nation" like a country and you spelled it wrong. I didn't know it was French for swimming. Now I do.

Did  you see the semi-final last night with Andre De Grasse almost beating Usain Bolt?  Bolt beat De Grasse by a very small margin. I wonder what will happen tonight when De Grasse and Bolt will run the 200M final. (I think it's the 200M). I predict Bolt will win. Bolt will be very disappointed if he doesn't win because he is retiring soon and will want to leave on a high note. It will be a very interesting race to watch tonight. Andre De Grasse is doing very well. I think it's his first Olympic games- he is only 22.

I'm Here A Lot

Now we know that Usain Bolt won the  200M tonight.  I find him quite amusing with all the faces he makes. He's very entertaining. There are still some events going on before the Olympics end which will be in 3 days on Aug. 21.  I didn't realize it was so soon. I've really enjoyed warching a lot of the 2016 summer Olympics.


I'm Here A Lot

Was anybody watching the Olympics tonight on the TV with the 400M Relay race for men?  It was watched by a lot of people because Usain Bolt and De Grasse and others were in it tonight. It was Bolt's last Olympic event in any Olympics as he is going to retire now. He has done what no other sprinter has done before in the Olympics  by winning the 100M, 200M and tonight the Relay 400M.


Usain ran a great race and we probably won't see anyone like him for a long time. He really was a great athlete.  The track and Field sprinting won't be the same without him.


De grasse did not win anything tonight in the Relay but he got two medals for individual events including the one he got yesterday. He could have a good future in the next Olympics.


In the Relay tonight, Jamaica came first with Bolt, next was the US ( I think) and Japan was third , Canada was 4th and just missed out getting the bronze.  At the end of the Relay there was an interrogation abuot Japan stepping on one of the lines in the lane they were in which they are not supposed to do and was a protest that Japan may be out and Canada would move up to bronze.  A little while later, an announcement was made that the U.S. would be disqualified for stepping on a line or going over the line in their lane, not Japan. They showed a short re-run of where that happened, but it was so far away to see. it. Maybe a better view will come up. So then Japan got moved up to silver, and Canada was moved up to third and U.S. was put to the end of the results. Kind of a strange thing saying at first it was Japan, then said it was the U.S, who was DQ.


I also watched the women's pole vaulting. these women are really good, so are the men pole vaulters.


Canadian soccer match this afternoon had Canada winning against Brazil by 2-1 for the bronze. So Canadian women looked much happier when bronze medal was given to them than they did the other day when they lost.


There are some events listed tomorrow such as womens soccer final Germany vs Sweden for Gold. Womens high jump. Mens 100M Relay and

maybe others. Then Sunday is the Closing of the Olympics.  I thought it was a good Olympics, did you?


The 400m relay was definitely a treat to watch. I did however read somewhere that US may be disqualified due to some misconduct on one of the runners' part. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open for that.


Another great moment was Evan Dunfee's response to Japan getting the Bronze in today's 50km race walk. I was greatly impressed by his sportsmanship. Tbh I didn't know race walk was a thing until today. And I was truly surprised by how mentally strenuous it is. Kudos to all the athletes. To me 5KM in an hour is a feat and a half.


I'm super proud of our women's soccer team. They were definitely one of the stronger teams in the competition.


I love international sportings events on such a huge scale, I find it tends to bring everyone together. Looking forward to the last stretch!

I'm Here A Lot

Talking about strenous. Today around noon I watched the womens mountain bike cross country Final race and I thought it was one of the most, if not the most, strenuous race I've see so far in the Olympics. It's not like you can stop and have a rest. You have to keep going. I haven't seen women do that race before. Up and down hills on a bike and in some parts, jumping over groups of big chunks of rocks. I have to admire them.  You would need great stamina and strength to do that. The woman who got the bronze was Canadian - Catherine Pettral (sp) and 4th was also Canadian. I think being 4th is the worst position to be in at the end of an event - it is so disappointing.  There are still events going on today, and medals handed out.  The Canadians have all done very well. Tomorrow is the Closing Ceremonies at 7 pm ET. 


Oh yeah .. mountain biking is pretty intense even as a hobby, I can't begin to imagine how stressful a competition would be. I believe it was added to the Olympics in 00. As proud as I am of all the medals Canadians have achieved I just wish they'd aim more towards the silver at least. I feel like we generally just aim for bronze. Mind you it's easy for you and I to sit here and comment but it'd be nice if we win a few more first and second places in the future. Collectively we stay around the 17-18 medals in total(we have a total of 20 this year). Granted it's pretty impressive considering we don't have as well-established athletic platforms like US or China or Russia does. There's men's soccer and women's rhythmic gymnastics scheduled for today, but I'm pretty sure I'm missing something else too.

I'm Here A Lot

I compleltely agree with you yes, I would like it if they would aim more for silver and  even gold. They always seem to have a lot more bronze. Canada has a lot of good athletes. Maybe Olympics are not as important to Canadians in general, though I don't really know. Or maybe athletes don't get as much money here to give athletes more training. Do they get money from the government for training for Olympics.  Competiveness was always more important to the U.S. than most other countries, and China seems to be more competitive than they used to be. I watched my favourite diving events, platform and springboard diving late this afternoon. Did you miss it? Also, there is womens high jump final on about now. also mens 4X400 relay a little later -around 9.30 pm I think. 


Another medal for us! Yay! Woohoo!