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Giving Back to Our Community!

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Hi everyone!


A clickable magnifying class promoting our Rogers First Rewards contest continues to appear on various pages of our community. Remember - those who click on the magnifying glass and complete the online ballot will have the chance to win Rogers First Rewards points!


And to now accounce our UFC Supporter Fight Night T-Shirts winners! We would like to give a shout-out to @Hwaiting@jkroesen and @Achill! We thank you for being a UFC fan, a dedicated resident expert that is always there to help the community and taking part of this growing community!


More prizes to be won! Be on the look out for that magnifying glass!


It's a great way to start the week, don't you think? 




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Actually no! The Rogers Better Choice Bundles discount program was a much better deal than Rogers First Rewards. Why is it that Rogers always seems to replace something good with an alternative that is not as good?

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I can't remember the last time I actually won something!  Thanks!

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I'm actually getting a higher tier of service and paying less with the new bundles than I ever did with Better Choice.....

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 Awesome!!! Thank you so much this was a nice surprise!!!!!


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Well, I beg to differ. With a 12% BCB discount on a grandfathered plan, I am paying no more than I would on any of the new plans. On top of that, for Internet in particular, I do not have to upgrade to one of the garbage Hitron modems. I do not have to put up with any of the many complaints that I have seen on here which seem to be getting even worse for users who switch to the new so-called "Rocket" modem.


I also wonder why so many do not see what Rogers is doing here. With a BCB discount, I get a discount - plain and simple - month after month after month. The new Rewards program offers nothing but mere trinkets. They are all designed to get you to spend more money with Rogers. For example - you get a free channel for a month. You really like it, but at the end of the month, the only way to keep it is to upgrade your TV package - more money every month for Rogers. decide to use your points and get some extra bandwidth for a month. You really like what you can do with all of this extra usage, but alas, it expires after a month. Your only choice - upgrade your Internet package and pay Rogers even more month after month after month.


Rogers is not stupid. They knew what what they were doing when they eliminated BCB and replaced it with the Rewards program. Why customers do not see what they are doing is beyond me though! Everything that they do is designed to bring in more profits - understandable of course - but it is the customer who suffers. You cannot even benefit from buying your own modem under the new Internet plans!