Farewell to RogersMargaret

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Farewell to RogersMargaret

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Hey Community!


I’d like to take the time today to announce @RogersMargaret retirement as Community Manager after 5 great years! RogersMargaret has been with us since 2013 and through her, the Community has seen some of the most amazing events and changes that we’ve ever experienced to date.


Please join me in thanking RogersMargaret for all her dedication and support!


The next chapter of the Rogers Community Forums will be lead by our very own @RogersDarrell!


RogersDarrell joined us as the sole Moderator in 2011, and spent the next 5 years building out the Community Moderation team and spearheading the Community’s next level growth and redesign with RogersMargaret as the Community Specialist. I know the Rogers Community Forums is in great hands with RogersDarrell, so please join me in welcoming him back to our family.


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Hello @RogersMargaret


You will be missed!. Thank you for everything you have done for the Community Forums and thank you for the inspiration you have given me and the help when needed!.


Stop by once in a while!. 


 I would like bring a warm welcome @RogersDarrell to the toll! He has been a great staff member and a amazing help to the forums and staff!. There is a huge roll to take but no doubt I know you can fill it and do amazing wonders and help!. 


Thank you both for the help you have done for the Community and us! 😊😊

Community Manager


Thanks so much @Meowmix



Everyone! 🙂


I’m so happy to be back with the Community in a full time capacity. I’ve missed you all so much and can’t wait to see what we all can do in 2018



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Congratulations as Community Manager!  And thanks to @RogersMargaret for her assistance when I had problems, especially using this forum.


One of the things about this forum that I still do not understand is your structure and philosophy. I find that my posts are moved by the moderators even when I think I am in the right area, so I am obviously doing something wrong.

I know that people post their questions in a variety of areas and it is really difficult for someone to find the right answer quickly especially when searching on a topic. 

For someone new to this forum, where would they go to find out how the forum works such as how to find the right subject area for a post or when to post to this "forum". Are there rules when to post to a specific "moderator" and when to post to "communityhelps"?  As the community manager, it would be nice to get your viewpoint. 

As you can see this query probably belongs in a different topic area so the subject taxonomy is very important to get clear from the outset.


Community Manager



I'm always here to help 🙂


A general rule to follow would be that anything in the Wireless, Internet, TV and Home Phone boards should be technical in nature, and specific to that device, product or service.

Anything outside of those parameters would generally fall into the Account Support, MyRogers, and Additional Services Knowledge Base.