Countdown to Halloween on Ignite TV

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Countdown to Halloween on Ignite TV

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The perfect interactive app for Halloween lovers is here and its fun for the whole family! AND it’s free for all Ignite TV customers.


Starting today until November 1, 2019, you can join in the Halloween fun by accessing the following features:

  • Video On Demand movies to rent or watch for free
  • Play interactive games and challenges
  • View how-to arts and craft videos
  • Listen to spooky Halloween music
  • Learn about costume and makeup tips to put the fright (or fun) into the night


Customers can access the app in the Ignite TV apps menu, or in your best Dracula voice say “Halloween Countdown” or “Trick or Treat” using voice command on your Ignite remote.




*This app is only available in English.


It's the spookiest time of the year!


As the team's resident Halloween and horror fanatic, October is my favourite month. I'm well known around here for taking vacation to go to a costume party every single year.


Throughout October, I put all other media on the backburner and challenge myself to watch only horror movies and play survival horror games! Anyone else care to take up this challenge too? It's fun, I promise!


I'm always looking for recommendations. What was good this year? Any hidden gems I should know about? Let me know! 

I Plan to Stick Around
Do any of the three screens (Halloween Countdown, Enjoy Tales + Tunes, or Play Games) work for anyone else? Selecting any of them just left to a purple screen with a spinning swirl and the Loading ... message.
Community Manager

Hi @waverate 


I just tested on my IgniteTV and everything loaded up really quick.


Just rocked out some Goblin Arena 🙂




I'm New Here

@waverate Our screen does the same thing. Just spins saying it's loading and nothing ever happens. 


Hello @AS83,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the Halloween Countdown Ignite TV app. We've tried it again on our end and it was functional. We were even able to play an Halloween-themed game.


Could you please let us know the troubleshooting steps you've tried since noticing the problem?


Looking forward to your reply!