Community Highlights: GENERAL NETWORKING Q & A

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Community Highlights: GENERAL NETWORKING Q & A

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Hello Community!


This week I'd like to highlight a special thread that our Resident Experts wanted to build for you.


A special thread has been created for 'general' or 'out of scope' networking question you might have. This thread will contain questions and answers that might not directly relate to Rogers products or serivces, but will still be related to your Rogers Internet services obviously through equipment within the home.


  • Ask/Post about specific other hardware such as what 3rd party routers, etc.
  • Questions about network setup, IP ranges, static IPing, etc.
  • Wireless questions/issues/help


I encourage everyone to visit the thread and post up any personal and/or home networking questions you may have.


Check out a sample below:






If this or any post has helped you, don't forget to give up the Kudos! It helps our Community grow strong :smileyhappy: