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Community Board Changes!

Community Manager
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Hey Community!


You may notice a few board changes today. We've made some topic and category changes to help group and streamline the searching and posting experience for you.


MyRogers and Rogers Apps_2.png


MyRogers and Rogers Apps: We've created a new space for ALL MyRogers, Rogers NHL LIVE and other Rogers App threads to be housed. Regardless of device or platform; if it's a Rogers App or portal, you will find it here.




Smart Home Monitoring: We're making a TKB (Technical Knowledge Base) and board specifically for all your SHM needs. Whether you have a Home Monitoring Automate package as part of your IgniteTV experience, or a full fledged Security Package; you will find everything Rogers Smart Home Monitoring here.




I'm a Senior Advisor

The first change I noticed was that the My Rogers forum seemed to have disappeared, but then I discovered it had been combined and was now MyRogers & Rogers Apps.


But the biggest change has been that my Firefox bookmarks for Forum Notifications, and now PayGo Balance have stopped working. I no longer get the Rogers Sign-In popup and have to sign in with my email link at the top right, then get this message,


and then have to still navigate to where I needed to go.  It looks like still a work in progress, one step forward, two steps back.