Cast to Chromecast with Ignite TV

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Cast to Chromecast with Ignite TV

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Hello Community, 


We know that many subscribers to the Ignite TV service have been waiting for the ability to cast to Chromecast.  


Starting in January 2021, customers can cast their content from their iOS/Android app to any Chromecast enable media streamers, without a set-top box. Just open the app and click on the cast button to see what devices are available. While casting, the following features are available: Pause, FF, RW, Skip Ahead. 


Please be advised that existing in-home and outside-of-home rules for viewing channels still apply. 


You can learn more about how to cast with Ignite TV by visiting our support article on located here:

Cast blog inside.png

 Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section below. 😊 

Resident Expert

Seems to work well.


Especially pleased with that ability from iOS.  Not many non-android apps like to cast to a google device.