Buying Your New 4K Ultra HDTV

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Buying Your New 4K Ultra HDTV

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Hello @RogersDarrell


Great article! 


While yes i do agree that OLED is great but it's also $4,449 for a 55" 4K OLED from LG which is the only manufacturer. Also 240Hz refresh rate is rare to find and if you do, be surprised as you will be paying $3,000+ plus for that TV. So it does get very expensive to get those type of TV'S. Also response times don't really matter if you have a Quad core processor and it's the latest model. If it's a first gen 4K then yes but last year's and this year's models are just fine.


I have a 55" 4K LED 120hz and it's great on 4K. I also have a 65" SUHD LED which does 240hz ( upscale and not native) and runs just fine..  Don't need anything to higher then that unless you have money to blow and not care.

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How many hockey games can you see in person for $4500+ tax,.


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Hello @park



Honestly working at Best Buy in the television department I can tell you that yeah can see the difference but only a small difference and it's not worth $4,500 for TV. As much as OLED is unique and great the price is not worth it and even our LG rep said the same when he came to visit us when we put up the TV fir display. We have sold only 2 LG OLED 4K TV's vs hundreds of Samsung SUHD OR UHD TV's.