Bell Media Specialty Channels Rebrand

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Bell Media Specialty Channels Rebrand

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Hey Community,


On September 12, 2019, four popular specialty channels rebranded.


Bravo, Comedy, Gusto and Space are now unified under the CTV umbrella:


  • Bravo will become CTV Drama channel
  • Comedy will become CTV Comedy Channel
  • Gusto will become CTV Life Channel
  • Space will become CTV Sci-Fi Channel

You will notice a new look and feel, but there are no changes to channel numbers, channel packages, or content.


This rebranding will appear across the live channels, On Demand channels, and channel apps and websites. You’ll also need to update your on the go apps like Bravo GO. 


Each channel offers programming for different tastes and interests. By bringing them under the same roof, they can be more easily distinguished as the leaders in their respective programming categories.



I'm an Enthusiast

I see Space channel is back up on 50. I thought it had been replaced by CTV Sci-Fi?


Hey @Cap07!


The SPACE channel was recently re-branded to CTV Sci-Fi. You may still see some SPACE branding though on older programming. Can you provide us with a photo of what you're seeing? 





I'm an Enthusiast

Not really. Thank you.