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Ask an Expert: National Reservation System - ICYMI

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Thank you to @RogersAlan for his time!


And a big thanks to @Meowmix who dug out some serious info on our Rogers National Reservation System.


For anyone that missed it, you can check out the entire conversation here.




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Completely missed it! >__<

I was no where near a computer and my phone had been left behind during my trip up north! Thanks for the link @RogersDarrell! if @Meowmix was involved, surely it's worth a read. All RE's are amazing in my opinion. Thank you once again!

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Hello @RogersDarrell


No need to thank me! Just doing my job in asking questions that everyone have been wanting to ask! Great to be apart of it! 


Thank you @RogersDarrell & @RogersAlan 🙂 

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 I actually read all of them in the time I responded here and now.

Very good question @Meowmix 


I have to say, some of those questions were on my mind, as I don't work with the reservation system hands on, and those questions (and answers by @RogersAlan) fufilled my need for clarification! 🙂


So yea, I gotta thank you and the Mods as well! Event's like these are amazing for knowledge and understanding. This is one of the ways out community becomes a community online. :]

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Hello @ShakTiburon


Anytime! Those questions are the questions everyone wanted answers to and since they needed them, I asked for everyone! 


Exactly. This is something I like about the forums. This gives great insight an many questions answered. 

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@Meowmix - Agreed.