Ask an Expert: MyRogers & Self Serve - November 23rd 6PM-8PM

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Ask an Expert: MyRogers & Self Serve - November 23rd 6PM-8PM

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Our next Ask an Expert event will be dedicated to bringing you all the information and insight you need to successfully and conveniently manage your Rogers services online.


Don't miss out!


This is your opportunity to speak directly Diego Lu, Senior Manager of Digital Services.


Provide your feedback and ask questions about some of the recent changes to MyRogers as well as the changes you would like to see in the future.



So remember, remember, the 23rd of November! 6PM-8PM here in the Rogers Community Forums.

I'm a Senior Advisor

Question: why does it take 7 days plus to create my bill for viewing and then the email notice comes the next day.


Are you running batch files over a number of days on a number of descrete data bases using the old method of how you would have had to aggregate the data to go over to ePost, which for those of us who know, the old bills are still over there in a connection to with a secure token attached to bring back the old bills.


Is there a way you can get this faster - not a high priority, just a question more so. Rogers has a considerable number of programming issues in front of them, including that it is obvious as we move around the MyRogers site that there is new coding and design and old coding and design kicking around.


And please put the marketting preferences back under profile, and check the old design and find out what else was removed and ask consumers if they want some of these back.



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@RogersDiego will be on hand this evening to answer your questions. Hope to see you tonight between 6PM-8PM so you can ask him your questions above.


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