Ask An Expert: OS Updates

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Ask An Expert: OS Updates

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Hey Community! We're back with another edition of our Ask an Expert, and we're looking to make it one of the most impactful ones yet.


RogersAlton from our Device Maintenance Team will be here for a full 2 days to answer all your OS update, maintenance release, and security update questions.




Now, because we're keeping the Ask an Expert going for 2 days, our Expert RogersAlton won't have the quick response time like our previous events (sub 15 minutes); RogersAlton and team are going to aim for around 2-4 hours response time depending on whether its day or night. We want to hear all your questions, so don't be afraid to post when you're up late, RogersAlton will answer first thing in the morning.


We'll share the posting format to make sure all your questions are captured and easy to find this Thursday!