ARCHIVED: Ask an Expert: IGNITE TV Part II

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ARCHIVED: Ask an Expert: IGNITE TV Part II

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We're back!!


From today Tuesday November 5th through November 7th JOIN US for Ask an Expert: IGNITE TV Part II and ask all your Ignite TV related questions.


We have exclusive access to some of Ignite TV's best Program Managers. They will be here taking your questions in the Ignite TV board.






A tonne has launched since we last brought Ask an Expert: Ignite TV Pt. I to you:

Ignite WiFi Hub

OnDemand and PPV ordering

Atlantic Ignite TV launch

Ignite TV App updates

Better Ignite TV Bundles


A tonne more is coming too!  So please, join us anytime November 5, 6, & 7 to Ask an Expert!


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I Like it Here

i watch ignite tv through my laptop and the past week all the pictures are scrambled when i got to watch a series....but live tv works do i fix this?


Hello and welcome to the Community @brianrbourke,


I hope you're enjoying the Ignite TV service for far :). Is this issue specific to a show or is it happening on all the shows you tried to play? May I know what browser are you using and if you've tried more than one browser?  Are you experiencing scrambled pictures on the app as well? Just wondering if the issue is restricted to the browser or linked to your profile. 


We need a little bit more info to assist you further.