A Time for Celebration

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A Time for Celebration

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A Time for Celebration: Recognizing our Resident Experts!!


With it being our 10th year anniversary in the Rogers Community Forums, we want to give a sincere show of appreciation to our incredible Resident Experts. Thank you to our Resident Experts for all of the hard work and dedication you provide our community and its valued members! Our community would not be as successful without your continued support and expertise! THANK YOU!



Who are our Resident Experts???


Resident Experts are tenured members of the community who have committed their personal time to build the Rogers community forums. They post helpful, objective responses and are identified by a rank (Resident Expert) in the community.


Please note: RE's are NOT Rogers employees; RE's are volunteers in the community and we're grateful for their help!


Throughout the month of June, we will post blogs highlighting two of our Resident Experts and include some fun facts so you can get to know them better! For a full listing of all our Resident Experts, please CLICK HERE.


Spotlight on @Gdkitty

Claim to fame: Internet, Ignite TV, and Cable TV

First joined the community: January 31st, 2012

Total number of posts: 14,192

Total number of likes to date: 2,432

About: Systems administrator who has been with Rogers since their original BETA internet program in 1995.  Retro-gamer and 80's toy collector.


Spotlight on @57

Claim to fame: Cable TV, Home Phone, and Pay as You Go

First joined the community: December 19th, 2013

Total number of posts: 3,371

Total number of likes to date: 1,283

About: Retired Engineer interested in running, X-C skiing, cycling, audio/video, computers (Mac & PC), good wine, good beer, good food.



Why become a Resident Expert?


Resident Experts get access to a private board where we'll be asking for feedback on Community-related decisions from design to features to programs. They also get a special rank in the Community and a few other exclusive privileges. 


How to become a Resident Expert?


We're always on the lookout for new members to invite to the Resident Expert program.  Do you consistently provide help to other users in the community?  Do you have a positive attitude towards Rogers and our community?  You never know … we might tap you on the shoulder one day! 


Would you like to be considered for the role of Resident Expert?  Feel free to reach out to us @CommunityHelps via PM!


Community Manager

Thanks you RE's!


Can't wait to see what next week has in store for our next Spotlight 😋


Thanks so much to all of our amazing RE's!!!