A New Reason to 'LIKE' Us!

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A New Reason to 'LIKE' Us!

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At Rogers, we’ve embarked on a mission to make getting support when you need it, as simple as possible. From re-vamping our Community forums, to launching DeviceAid, or enhancing the Live Chat feature on our website, we’re committed to bringing you easier ways to manage your Rogers account whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.


Today, we’re introducing another way to get support: Customer Care on Facebook Messenger. Now, you can chat with us through the platform you know and love. Simply, head to Rogers.com/facebook or by visiting our ‘Contact Us’ page on Rogers.com. After launching the conversation, you’ll be able to chat with an agent on your laptop, tablet or even the Facebook messenger app on your smartphone. Ask a Rogers Live Agent any questions pertaining to your account, device or services and even keep a historical record of the chat. Now that’s certainly something to ‘like’!


The customer support tool for Facebook Messenger is just one example of the commitment we’ve made to overhaul our customer experience. Throughout 2016, we look forward to continuing to bring you more ways to get the service you want, in the ways that make it easy for you.

I'm a Senior Advisor

Glad to see more options for working through discussions, and it is perfect for keeping a historical record of what was discussed. No more he said, she said.  I know some people record their calls, but I have never understood the legalities of this. I like chat and other online chat methods because I can keep a record. Can't use device aid because it won't run on BB10 android because it requires google play/store connection, which unless you know how to work around and program it to work, or you have the priv, lack of google play/store stops it working on BB10 android versions. Guess Microsoft phones may have same issue.  But glad to have more options.


I do often prefer a conversation too, it allows for my emotion to come through so that they fully understand just how the problem has impacted me, or how happy I am with the outcome.


Now if we could only have less issues ongoing and have discussions on just the occassional misunderstanding, or just understanding better how to use our services, or each others obligations.