500,000 Members! WOW! Thank you!

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500,000 Members! WOW! Thank you!

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Thank you to all members of the Community, whether you have shared just a moment of your time with us, or day after day; hour after hour.


From iPhone Reservations, to Navigatr beta threads and Hitron Firmware trials. Simply put, we couldn't do this without you.


From all of us here at the Rogers Community Forums moderator team once again a BIG THANK YOU!

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello @RogersDarrell


I am grateful and thankful to have been apart of this! Since stepping into the forums in 2011 I have seen the growth of the forums and its been amazing!. 


From all the helpful tips and tricks to the events that you guys bring with product and service management here to answer questions and been very thankful to have been allowed to make the iPhone & all smartphone device reservation threads since 2012 /2013 until now and the future! (I won't stop unless I'm kicked out or getting old lol) 


Thank you to all the users and Rogers staff that have made this happen and have helped out since the beginning! 😊😊😊