4K Ultra HD TV is on its way!

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4K Ultra HD TV is on its way!

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Experience TV and movies like you’ve never seen before, with four times the resolution compared to HD. 4K Ultra HD is the next version of HD coming to TVs and other devices over the next year. It delivers a cinema quality experience with 4X the pixels of HD, putting viewers right in the stands or scene. They can watch the game unfold in real time, clearly see the emotions on players’ or actors’ faces from a distance, and get super high definition zooms for extreme close ups without motion blur.




What is Rogers 4K TV (Ultra HD)?


High Dynamic Range (HDR) video is an emerging standard that delivers richer colour saturation, contrast, and resolution for more real-life images, especially in outdoor sports games. It offers the latest video technology delivering 4X the resolution of HD – a new standard in video definition and clarity.



What 4K content exists today?



  • Most of the content available today is on streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube. Most streams require a minimum 25Mbps download – compared to HD that needs 5Mbps; which makes Rogers Ignite tiers perfect, since you have more than enough speed.
  • Starting in 2016, Rogers will deliver:
    • Every Toronto Blue Jays 2016 season home game (81) broadcast in 4K live on Sportsnet
    • Starting January 23, 2016 with Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens followed by one regular season NHL game per week broadcast in 4K live on Sportsnet.
    • Over 100 hours of movies, original series and TV shows on shomi in 4K.


                                     4KTV BlueJays.jpg



Will I be eligible for 4K TV?


Rogers 4K TV will launch in Ontario first. To be among the first to get Rogers 4K TV visit our reservation site at rogers.com/4k and provide your full name, email address, postal code and phone number.



Tips When Shopping for a 4K TV


Offering up to four times the resolution of a conventional high-definition television, we’re talking more than eight million pixels compared with the roughly two million pixels of the current tech. The result is a picture that’s jaw-droppingly clear and realistic.

To help you choose a 4K TV that’s right for you and your family, and to optimize the experience once you get it home, take these tips to the store when you’re ready to buy.


1. Screen Size

While there are many schools of thought on how to decide on the size of your TV, some experts say that unless you’re restricted by a really tight space or a confined TV cabinet, you’re probably safe getting the biggest TV your budget will allow.

To decide on screen size, first factor is the distance you’ll be sitting from the TV. For a conventional high-definition television, a general rule of thumb, according to CNET, is to multiply that seating distance (in inches) by 0.667. Note: with 4K HD TVs, you can comfortably sit up to 30% closer.

Here are a few approximate breakdowns for some common TV sizes:

5 ft. (60″) from TV: 40″–43″ screen
6 ft. (72″) from TV: 48″–50″ screen
7 ft. (84″) from TV: 55″–60″ screen
8 ft. (96″) from TV: 60″–65″ screen
9 ft. (108″) from TV: 70″–75″ screen
10 ft. (120″) from TV: 80″–85″ screen

Quick Tip: Before you start shopping, measure your wall space or even put painter’s tape on the wall to envision the size requirements of your new television.

2. LED vs. OLED

Most 4K TV screens have backlighting technology courtesy of LEDs (light-emitting diodes), which results in better contrast, richer colour and crisper clarity over the fluorescent-tube-based LCD TVs. However, those built with OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels offer even better quality, greater energy efficiency and a thinner frame, as each pixel is its own light source. Typically, OLED TVs are still more expensive than their LED cousins, but we’ll hope to see prices coming down soon, as the technology gains popularity.

3. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

If you want a wider range of brightness levels, colours and contrast for a picture that is truer to how the content producers intended it, look for a 4K TV that supports HDR, or high dynamic range.

4. Refresh Rate

Refresh rate refers to how well a TV handles fast motion: the higher the number – such as 240 Hz – the smoother the action will be. Compare for yourself by watching different kinds of on-screen content at the store before buying.

5. Ahead of the Curve

As with 3D TVs a few years ago, consumers are often faced with new features and gimmicks that make the buying process that much harder. The same can be said of curved TVs. While many curved-screen TVs are beautiful and said to offer a more cinematic view of the action with a wider field of view, don’t be persuaded by the technology alone. It’s not a necessary feature, and it really comes down to personal preference.

6. Smart Choices

Your new TV will likely be a smart TV, and it’ll offer a wide range of baked-in services for everything from Netflix and YouTube to weather reports and even games. To get the most out of it, make sure you have a reliable wired or Wi-Fi internet connection.

7. Sound Quality

If this is the first major TV upgrade you’ve had in a while, chances are you may not have a full-on 7.1 surround sound system just waiting for your new 4K set. Before you break the bank on a huge system, consider investing in a sound bar instead. They’re typically more affordable, can be easily mounted or placed just below or above your television set, and can deliver much fuller sound than what your TV can produce by itself.

8. Mounting

We get it, you’re really handy. But the last thing you want to do is risk having your brand-new 4K TV fall off the wall. Installing a wall mount can be tricky, so err on the safe side and enlist the help of a professional. And if you plan to place the set inside a wall unit, be sure it has room to “breathe”: a tight and enclosed space can lead to overheating.



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Exciting stuff - got a shiny new 4K (UHD) TV as a replacement for my Sharp HDTV that failed. Looking forward to the new STB, and watching our boys (Leafs & Jays) in brilliant 4K. 


Anyone else remember plugging in rabbit ears to their TVs? Gosh, I feel old.  🙂

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Actually what you should do is connect a good UHF antenna to the antenna port and let the tv's ATSC tuner do the rest.  The picture quality from an Over The Air (OTA) broadcast will probably be much better than anything you will see via cable or satellite (4K).  To check out what you can see via OTA broadcast, go the the following link and type in your location details to see the reception map.




Check mark "Show lines pointing to each transmitter" just below the right side of the map in order to see the directions to the tv transmitters.  The OTA forum located at digitalhome.ca is a good place to start any research into OTA reception.





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Hello @RogersDarrell That's great to hear! Now I can use my Samsung 55JS8500 4K TV with some 4K content. I know it won't be much but again it's something. Already seen how the box looks like which is great too! As for the OLED, LG OLED prices won't go down much unless they decide they want too. Remember only LG makes OLED panels. Rest have LED. I have only seen 2 people buy a curved LG OLED at the Best Buy I work at. Rest go for LED as it's cheaper in price and many makes and aren't stuck with one curved TV.
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So far the So Called Soft Launch of 4K by Rogers has been an immitigated disaster. Most customer service reps have very little info to give you about the upcoming service, signed up on the Rogers Website and actually recvd a call from Rogers stating that 4K was available in my area immediatly, then only to be told later on then they have no boxes available and they would have to be installed by a service technician. Was told two different stories by two different brick and mortar stores, even saw 4K running out what looked to be a 4K Rogers box hooked up to a 4K Sony panel, even though it was just sample footage, and not actually running the Channel 999 that they show currently. The 4k box is not a PVR in anyway, which i run now in a NextBox 3.0, and i cannot find ANY info on this Cisco box on the net, even the model number on the box does not exist anywhere with any metadata whatsoever, too many things are adding up here to a very bad launch by Rogers in the new year...i am not getting a very comfy cozy feeling about this...and this is the main reason i bought a new 55 inch LG 4K 3D TV this year.....come on rogers, start doing your homework and get your act together...

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After alot of phone calls and way to much confusion....Rogers is installing my 4K box on Monday Dec 28th...i will put a full review on the box and the quality of the picture.....stay tuned....


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Hello @kevinlayne2001 Hopefully it's. 4K box as Rogers is releasing them as of January and not this month..




EDIT - it's only for the ones tags registered when it was announced. You can't call in and order it until All those who are registered get them. 

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Just had technician install the Rogers 4K Box, was very helpful and knowledgable about 4K, if for sure is not IPTV box at all, it is straight coax, no cat 5 installed. Interesting during the install the picture would not show up, he re wired the coax that was coming into the building which was very old, and woila picture showed up......fyi if you have this set up via a HDMI HDMI 2.0 Receiver, make sure all HDMI cables are compliant, anything old and below HDMI 1.4a spec will not work...the picture is the best i have seen of all 4k content i have seen, there is not much, just two looping shows as of now, both Nature Based programs, but both really sell the advantages of 4K....tech says this is overall his 3rd 4K box he had installed and was getting phonecalls fro his dispatcher as he did my install.....so far very satisfied, cannot wait for more content and PVR ans Home PVR capabilty as well....thumbs up Rogers...


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Hello @kevinlayne2001 Very nice! The technician will come by on thrusday for me and install my 4K box in the bedroom. Then sometime next week I'll schedule another 4K box to be installed in my living room as i have 2 4K TV's in the house at the moment!
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Got my box & loving it!!! Sadly 999 isnt working after the troubleshoot & its a known issue. They sent out a ticket letting them know that sound comes but no video. 







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 Meowmix.....i had the same problem as well......the technician check the coax that lead into my unit and replaced the lead connector, he said some very old coax and the connectors can cause alot of loss of signal....secondly make sure that you are using HDMI Cables that are 1.4a compliant and older, the older 1.0 1.1 and 1.2 HDMI cables cannot send a 4K signal at all...good luck....

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Hello @kevinlayne2001


All my HDMI cords are 1.4a complaint. It only seems to be one episode or show i have noticed that does this. Everything shows 4K. The house has new coax cables installed & the tech showed me the levels & they are fine. 


Oh well all works now!

I Plan to Stick Around

Sounds Good, glad to hear that everything is working for you as well....and yes i have the same problem on my end as well....the one show does not cast well....we must remember we are going thru the first stages of rogers 4k, i can only guess after some software upgrade, everything will be running aok in the near future....enjoy...


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Hello @kevinlayne2001


Exactly!. Its okay thought its all good!. Can not wait for the Leafs / Raptors to be in 4K

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We have our brand new 4KTV  set up and operating on our Nextbox 3 obviously without the full 4K experience. Now working on arranging for the Nextbox 4K. I heard that the 4K Nextbox doesn't include a pvr. Can anyone confirm this?

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@DonnaC, I can confirm that the 4K box being offered is a tuner only and not a PVR (am hearing that a 4K PVR will be released in April, but I have no confirmation on that). 

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Hello @DonnaC Yes that is correct. The 4K is only available as a normal 4K box. The PVR is announced to be released Ending or March / April. For the time being if you don't record much then it's better getting the 4K box until the PVR model comes out!
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Thank you @robindp and @Meowmix. We're now thinking we should wait for the pvr Nextbox 4K because we do record a lot of programming. Will talk to Rogers again about our options. The tech support person didn't mention the no pvr part and we didn't ask because we assumed the 4K box would be the same as our 3 just upgraded to 4K.  It's like when we first got HDTV, there was hardly any programming in HD and the pvrs were all separate units. 

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@DonnaC, you hit the nail on the head. We are holding off until the official announcement of the 4K PVR as we record a ton of programming...hopefully the pricing and other info is announced soon! 🙂


I also hope to see more 4K content (live TV and Shomi 4K) made available before we commit. Very early days yet!

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Hello @DonnaC It does state on the website that the current 4K box isn't a PVR Box. Again agents in the call centers aren't too fond and know much as i noticed. I own 2 4K terminals which i love so far!!
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@Meowmix, how does the scaling of 1080p content look? Did the 4K terminal come with that sweet backlit (finally!) remote?

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Hello @robindp Rogers did announce it officially on Facebook and on here that ending of March / April is the official date confirmed as of right now. It can change later on but it's confirmed that's the date. Now actual date of the day isn't confirmed yet. I have seen the 4K PVR Box upfront ( from someone that I know at Technicolor). It's pretty Cool!. Can't really say much other then that though. I do own 2 4K terminals which i love! Love watching the 4K episodes they offer so far!. The pricing will be the same as the current NB3 box and there are going to be some goodies in it!.
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Hello @robindp Indeed it does!. It's a new looking back light remote. Check out my profile. It will show u what images I have uploaded and u will see it!. It looks great but again I able a Samsung 65JS9000 in my living room and a Samsung 55JU6500 in the bedroom. So they upscale pretty good!
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Very, very nice!

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Hello @Meowmix how does the 4k box perform on your JU Series despite it not being HDR? 

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Hello @GonzoThe912TH


Pretty good actually.  Clear and amazing looking.  Honestly HDR is great and all but on the TV it looks more computerized and even our Samsung rep said the same. 

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@Meowmix great too hear! I'm thinking of getting what would be consider i guess a "lower end 4K tv" and i am pretty annoyed about HDR, they should of just made it the standard from the beginning if they knew it would be eventually especially with 2015 models they obviously knew before manufacturing them that their would be a new fade coming soon, and anyone who spends money on those would be excluded less then a year after purchasing.

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Hello @GonzoThe912TH


I agree but i think they wanted to add it on the 2016 line up to refresh it.  Either way it's still a amazing picture none the less!