pay as you go wants more money to talk to an agent!

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Re: pay as you go wants more money to talk to an agent!

@barndoor wrote:

1. As long as you wait till the end of the language choice you can put in the number as soon as the menu voice starts..

2. Just .... language choice  .... hear the start of first menu choice hit 4 ...hear the voice hit 4 ...hear the voice hit 1 and it will ring through to the CSR.  

1. Agreed, but I wanted to be sure that the OP wasn't putting in the 4-4-1 sequence too quickly. I assume that the OP has finally managed to follow the instructions to reach someone since we haven't heard back from him.


2. The last time I tried, as mentioned earlier in this thread, I did just that, however, in my case, Rogers had added an additional option regarding a survey, so I had to address that option (1 or 2 for yes/no) first before hitting the "1" to talk to the CSR. The CSR came on the line almost immediately after I hit the "1" - no waiting at all in my case.

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Re: pay as you go wants more money to talk to an agent!

Yes ,I had a survey a while ago but not the last time . Surveys still irk me . If you don't trust your employees enough to relay the feedback I give them at the time of my call ....then don't waste my time asking me to do a survey because I guarantee  you if I do it will be verryy negative. Smiley Wink